Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Mommy, you are so pretty"

I was looking back on some posts from way back when my girls were younger. I sure shared a lot of our every day lives. I love seeing what we were doing on just any old day when they were babies and toddlers. Now it seems I have forgotten to talk about our every day happenings.

Today I was changing from just a regular house skirt to one I don't mind being seen in. I had a student coming soon and wanted to look a little less like a shlub. Of course the girls had to study all my jewelery while I was doing that. First Suzie suggested a pair of earings. "I think you should wear these rainbow ones mom." "Oh yea?" "yeah they are pretty.... oh and this necklace,...... no this one.. It's pretty." "Oh okay" Then Jades voice pipes in, "oh and mommy wear that bracelet." "This one?" "yeah." So I was all dressed up for the day. As the girls leave the room I hear Jades little voice saying "oh mommy, you are so pretty mommy... You look like you are going to a Ballet"

"Mommy is so pretty." Awe thanks girls. I looked like a mom who had just finished a work out and had a quick shower. Then threw on some simple clothes and a bit of a mix of miss matched jewelery. But I felt like a queen. I thought I would take a picture to share with others but when I looked at the out come I looked just like I described above. Nothing stunning. Not my best, But the girls thought I was lovely. So I kept it for myself (my look) and enjoyed this little gift of love from my girls.

(These two photos are from a different day. I was playing around with long exposures on a dark night.)


  1. If you are pretty in your children's eyes, then what more do you need?


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