Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer is passing, here is a small hello from us.

Here's a something to look at. Something old but not to be forgotten.

Just a little something to let you know that I do plan to return. I plan to show our faces again.

I plan to come back full swing one day...Soon?

Till then I am still hard at work. Canning the summer into jars. More jars than I had ever imagend I could store up.

And this is not a metiphorical speech. I am serious. This is a new fall love of mine, hot fruit, hot water, hot jars and shelves lined with summer for the winter.

Also we still go to the building every day. We still rush from here to there and back again. And sometimes we take a break and stop by the flower garden for supper.

(no these colors are not equal to what we see now. It is summer in these pics and fall in reality. These pics were just here waiting to find their way to you.)

I miss this. I miss you all. I miss sitting here typing out my thoughts and loading up colors of our lives.

Till next time, enjoy the changing seasons.

Enjoy the early sun sets and the late sun rises that automatically bring around better nights of sleep for little girls.

Enjoy the changes in the weather and the growing in your heart.

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