Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little on the words

Things that bring Joy!!


He is the best daddy, Often when he goes for a small errand in town he'll take Suzie. Well on this day Jade asked "Walk too?"

This was the result.

And what can I say about this. The Pram, The girls, The fun.

How's that for a lot of things said only in photos? This day has been long, a good kind of long. Was productive and spent time as a family. (these photos are not from today but they can give you an idea of what some of the day looked like). Managed to make a rhubarb pie and some rhubarb sauce. Along with a few other things done and time spent with my girls. All in All a good day. And now I am tired and must be off to shower and relax for a short bit before bed.

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