Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fire explorations

Okay fine, we didn't actually see any fires but we did watch a Timon and Pumbaa Video on fire safety. And my girls showed me what was the most interesting thing to them. Funny how you have can have in mind what you think will intrigue a kid and then the go ahead and prove you totally wrong.

Jade found the crowd of kids to be a bit much at first. Also it seems that as a general rule her mornings are pretty dopey and by 11:00 AM (which is when this started) she is nearly ready for her nap. Needless to say this is how she looked most of the morning.

Ah yes and that which really had them glued. The thing which my girls went for at any given moment. When Mom was not trying to get them to show interest in the fire engine.

The ground. I mean seriously these Two love to explore that which is under them. And really who can blame them.

I remember the little ant hills from my childhood. messing with them, flattening them, watching the ants scatter. These little tiny hills of wonder with the tiny hole in the middle leading to a tiny little insect home. How can you not explore this?

They gave me moments here and there for picture taking. To at least make it look like they were paying attention.

But really.

Here Suzie is actually doing what all the other kids are doing. Looking at something the fire man is telling them about. I am sure it was more out of curiosity as to what had all those kids attention. What could be better than an ant hill? These kids must see something that I do not.

It is just as I have thought with my little lady. She might follow the crowd for a bit but only to see what is up. Then when she has seen what has all there attention she will move on to what really catches her little mind.

And Jade? Well she is young and trucks are not her thing like most little boys. In fact she is more of a doll house type. Sand boxes and ant hills, rocks and pebbles. But she'll look into a thing.

She'll stare off in a direction with this studying eye that looks so serious and concerned.

You would think, by looking at her that she had a miserable time. But she didn't. She had a blast. A quiet, sleepy blast.

And the siren? It was loud, they plugged their ears.

And then. And then the true fun came.

Suzie loved this part. In fact she wouldn't stop finding a way to take part. The kids had been separated into two groups. While one group watched the video the other explored the truck. Well when we got out of the video trailer the first group was doing this. I never thought that my little Suzie would just wander over there and take the initiative. She just walked on over to the group and got right in front of some kids and went for it. It was then I started to realize that she doesn't know how to take turns. To wait in a line is a foreign thing to my oldest girl. It was here that I learned somethings about my girl.

And so we all learned from this experience. The girls, well I don't know what they learned, Suzie learned how to turn on a fire hose. Jade? Hmm. And me. Well I learned how my kids act in a crowd where they don't know everyone. Jade gets a bit shy and clingy and Suzie just does what she wants. We'll see what this means for future outings as a homeschooling family.

Till next time have fun exploring the big things in life and the little. And remember, ant hills are fun little treasures that scatter the summer roads.

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