Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fun #49 A good book to read.

I know that I have said this before But I think this might actually be for real. I am back and I hope to post more. I my photo hosting site changed and with it's major change over a task that used to be a short process turned into a time consumer that I had no desire to put up with. I have since changed a setting and it is back to a shorter process that I will not feel is sucking the life out of me. So here's hoping I am back to more regular posting. Now on to the post at hand.

Suzie and I have finished reading her first chapter book. Or maybe what I should say is I finished reading it to her. I have tried a few times to read a larger book to her to no avail. Every time we'd get to a page that had a picture on it she could not "hear" what I was reading if it did not immediately pertain to what was visually in front of her.

But this time I took a few precautions through out the weeks of reading it to her. In the past I would have read her the first chapter and then she would have taken the book to her quiet time and spent the hours to come mulling over the visuals.

She would have the entire book memorized in little snippets of drawings. We would get to the page with any given drawing and she would already have a list as long as my arm of questions as to what was happening.

She could not focus on what I was reading because it was not answer her questions instantaneously. So this time I took out Charlotte's Web and would not allow her to study the book. 

Each time we turned the page and a scene appeared in ink she would ask "What's happening there?" and I would tell her to listen. "You will find out if you listen to the words that I read".

And she would sit with a studying look. Kind of like this one. I knew that she was paying attention when the Goose and all the other barn animals start to call out directions to Wilbur after his escape. Mr. Zuckerman and Lurvy are chasing him around the apple trees and the goose is really excited about the chase. I could tell by her reaction that she was seeing it in her minds eye.

And this was kind of her reaction.

I look forward to sharing many more books with this dear little one who is growing up so fast.

And to see her imagination opening up. It often seems to me that she is much more analytical than a lot of kids I know. That she has only learned in the last half year or so how to make believe. And even when she does she is certain to inform you that it is "Just for pretend".

She has no trouble dancing about and singing her head off with strange words that she is making up on the fly though. So I guess the imagination is just not what I expected.

It is safe to say that she knows how to play. And she can talk for all the day straight till she sleeps. In fact I think even before her eyes are fully open in the morning the words start to flow.

And so I want to encourage her vocabulary. And what better way at this time in her life than to read. To open her world up and to show her there is so much to explore. And so we have started into the world of chapter books. And so now to purchase the next book on the list. The problem is that I do not know what is next on the list.

Till then we will head into the world of Beatrix Potter. First little friend we met today was Peter Rabbit in his little blue jacket and tiny black shoes.

This past weekend we spent some time out with Paul's parents. (In fact that is where all the pictures from this post were taken). For the first time I attempted to take pictures of all the birds and I found that my telephoto lens is better than I had known.

I capture moments that I had never thought possible for me. Little Chickadees in their home.

And these two feeding in peace.

Till they are interrupted by the black and white wonder, The chickadee.

Off they go and leave him to is stolen goods.

And here are a few more pics of farm exploration.

"Moo, Moo!!"

And there you have a bit of life this past weekend.
I really hope to stick to a few more posts than have been taking place. As I said in the start I know I have said this before but I do so hope with this simple change that will change a frustrating task to a more simple one that I might be more inclined to be here more often.

Here's to you on this next weekend to come. Enjoy the days, enjoy the hours. The minutes of simple pleasures and also of hard work. There are great things to observe and take part in all around us.

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