Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is not the truth.

When you see these pics you will think this is where we are right now, but its not true. Nope. In fact today we have had rain most of the day and the green is luminescent.

My garden is planted and waiting to come up out of the ground.

The grass could use a mowing and the mud is all over the back porch.

Our main computer, the one I do all my blogging from has been shut off and not to be touched for nearly a week. And today My husband the computer genius that he is, has brought it back to life.

I built this snowman when the snow was on its way out cause Suzie had asked and wanted one so bad. There are not pictures of it but shortly after I had built it she had tried to knock it down.

Mud puddles to jump in.

And yes these are gravel streets for you. The water is not clean but in fact quite dirty.

Funny to look at these pics of my girls in their winter jackets and the pile of snow. We are far from this state of being and summer is just around the corner.

The reason I say "around the corner" and don't give it credit for being fully arrived is for the fact that we have had frosts at night even at the end of May. It is never truly safe to say it is summer in Manitoba till June.

But till then we will relish the fact that it is far from winter. The season is just beginning.
And though it seems to have come on as a bit of a surprise this year we'll get into the full swing of this summer thing and find it to be gone long before we are done with it.

May you have a great rest of the weekend. 

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  1. I agree... I can't wait until summer is in full swing. I wish it could stay around as long as winter seems to do...


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