Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back in the groove?

Let's see if I can make a bit of a come back here. I have been on a bit of a discovery journey these days and fill all my free time with searching out the new information that I have come across. There are two key things on which I am more keenly focused. One is the Bible, The Word of God. And the second is being more focused on raising my girls with intention. I don't know how to put that exactly other than there is less time spent doing what I want for myself and more time focused on them. I'm not saying that I have it figured out. But I do know that the more time I spend with my face attached to a screen the less time I am truly focused on them.

As for the first thing? My intense desire to truly understand the Word of God? I have discovered that I did not really understand what it meant to read everything in context. I did not truly understand what the Bible as a whole pointed to. It points to one thing and one thing alone. As I mentioned in this post The most important thing is this one truth. That I am a sinner saved by Grace and that I need to be reminded of this great and wonderful truth daily.

But I do want to get back into sharing a bit of our lives. I want to let you in to our home even if only through the pictures and few intermingled words.

Here's the thing. I will be short in writing my posts, I will take little time to edit them. and I will not be fully linear and coherent. But I will do my best. The posts for the next while will be short and sweet (or so I hope).

And here I share a few photos from Easter. Yes I am that back logged in my posts but that is okay.

Sunday was Jade's birthday and this year is quite the contrast from last. Last year we had her party outside. She sat in her diaper eating cake at the picnic table.

This year it was indoors with snow still surrounding the picnic table outside.

But yesterday I planted some seeds to go in the green house. I cleaned the back yard a bit. I removed the rotting pumpkins from the front yard (yes, from fall, Yes, really gross. Suzie asked why they were there. My answer, cause I was lazy last year and didn't deal with them. I think that won't happen again. I'll let you know next spring). I swept off the front porch. It felt like spring and it felt good.

Today it snowed.

Maybe spring will come this year. Maybe.

Until then I guess I will just keep on keepin' on.


  1. Glad to se that you Arkeeping it up! You could claim the pumpkins were a science experiment. there are some great stop motion videos on you tube of rotting pumpkins, great learning experience!

    1. Yes the pumpkins were indeed an experiment. And the conclusion is that they hold their shape for far too long and the black is not attractive. And when you stab them with a shovel they go flat and turn into mush. Super fun.


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