Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sick days

This past week was a doozy, full of sickness and lethargy. My Jade Bean seemed to really take the hit worst of the two Little's and Paul was much worse off than I. So that even now Paul is just finally feeling the recovery setting in after a week and a few days of this. Jade is showing her health well in the smiles and tantrums alike. She has indeed gotten the sick spoiled thing down and is holding onto it as best as she can.

But we are now on the other side. We are coughing up the last dregs of this nasty bit of sickness and hopefully don't go in search of any more for a long time.

Jade is a bit of a different fit in this basket from in this post. (these pics were not taken while sick)

Life is in recovery mode now. I am in recovery mode.

And so for thoughts I have not many, but pictures I have to share.

And so here are some from life. Just good old life.

"Mom, I'm bein' a shepard."

Do you see the little peaking eyes from behind the chair?

Hmm, these pics are from when Jade was sick, the last time. I think that's why the recent one hit so hard. She had just barely recovered from a cold a few weeks back.

Many times when the weather is cooler I'll here these words "mom come see what the wind is doing to my dress"

Jade falls asleep in the carrier if I put her in there any time remotely close to nap time.

And when I go to water the plants I am assisted. Times two.

Yes all three of our hands are in contact with the handle.

OH and then there was this.

My first day of feeling awful I wanted comfort. It was a Sunday and there was no going out to buy bread.
So I made some.

And boy was this a good bread.

Nothing like butter melting of hot, fresh bread. Eesh, I want to go make a piece of toast now.

I sure hope your week was better than ours, though we did enjoy more cuddles and many naps in a day I still missed seeing the bright eyes of my girls shinning. I am amazed at how sad a fevered little face can really look.

Happy weekend my friend. May it be full of love and peace and caring hearts.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have Ben so unwell, but glad that you are recovering now. Love that bread!

    1. Thanks Katie, It is nice to be finely on the mend around these parts. And isn't the bread just something lovely to look at, It was even better to eat. My goodness, I think I had three pieces after the photo shoot.


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