Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New things

These are not new pictures. These are still from before the time of the "The Great Cold of 2013". Yes I am giving it the title of The cold of the year. It is indeed only the start of March and I have a whole year ahead of me. A whole year of possible colds and flues. This is only half of the winter that will be lived out this year. This is only a portion of the time that this year holds for us. But it was a real knocker, as it knocked us out. An who knows maybe this will be the last one of the year (don't worry I am not truly so disillusioned, I am just a dreamer. I dream of never a sick day to occur again in our lives and I will dream on till the day we die. Yes I said die, It happens to us all and with how much Suzie is not bothered by that fact I am becoming less inclined to let it bother me too. That is a whole 'nother story in itself.) (Do you love my terrible use of the English language there? I mean really, we plan on home schooling, why would I get my English skills looking good before my kids start school. Okay fine, That is a whole other story in itself as well) (Oh and hey I am having fun on my little rabbit trails here so you let me just say that too before I head on into this post)

Fine, here is the post.

The weather here is crazy full of snow right now. I mean, HEAPS-O-SNOW!!! Mounds. Nope, Mountains. And I  FREAKING LOVE IT!!!

These are from before the snow dump that reminds me of the good ole days took place yesterday. So these are just pictures of my girls in the Lame, barely there, snow skiff that we have had most of this year.

But they're cute girls and I like that they are cute so I am sharing these pics before I even look at the pics I took today and I decide that these ones I am posting now are in fact Lame.

: :

Suzie's latest happening is the smelling of the spices.

She will pull them out of the cupboard and open up the lids....

And in all her seriousness she will take a whiff and ask me to smell as well...

Then she will comment on the smell. Mostly the comments consist of "Hmm, this one smells like....What does it smell like mom?" I figure is she starts now maybe she can become one of those food lovers that knows how to tell you what spices are in a food just from the taste. Then I will take her out to fancy restaurants and she can tell me how to make the dish at home. (Did you not read what I wrote earlier? The dreamer part? Yeah that)

: :

Another New thing, Daddies new toy. Well it's not a toy, Well, yes it is.... I mean. Well, tool? Toy tool?

Okay anyhow it is a Google tablet. His main reason for the purchase was a note taking device for School and in fact it is doing that Job just as he had hoped. But it turns out it's fun too.

But you all know that

If it can hold a game on it and he can hold two girls on his lap and they can all "play" together then it becomes a toy too.

Here are more pictures of the snow before the epicness that was yesterday. I, along with a few of my brothers, seem to be the only fan of this big snow fall we had.

It seems most Manitobains can't fathom any good coming from so much snow and well I guess on the flat lands that could be so. But I know the truth. The hidden truth to the flat land dwellers.

This truth is that snow like this is the most amazing thing in the world when it hangs off the side of a mountain and you strap a snowboard to your feet. And if I can't have a mountain below the snow then I will at least love, LOVE, LOVE!!! the snow even without the mountain.

And I will be thankful for the crazy that it brings into our lives. Like a trek to the post office becoming an adventure full of deep crazy snow.

Happy winter every one. And when you look at that crazy snow and it gets you down just know that I am loving it enough for all of us so you don't have to.

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