Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday Fun #47 Green Monster

Ha Ha Ha, I had this post as a draft with no title and had forgotten what was in here. I think it will do nicely as a Friday Fun Post and so here she is.

Friday Fun Green Paint Style

As of late when I turn the camera on Suzie and ask her to smile I usually get this. I struggle with this reaction. I want so badly to share her great smile with the world and yet I can't seem to get it out of her. For two reasons. The first is what I have already mentioned and the second is that if I go for a candid shot there are too many legs and arms on this one girl to get a clear, focused shot of her smile. And so I give you Suzie's pose.

Jade started to eat the paint that is when I stopped videoing, the first time, then I made sure I caught it on video the second time.

Who said the fun had to end when they got in the tub?

This was actually a bit of fun that was had a while back but I couldn't pass up the great green fiasco.

Tonight we set the clocks forward. We lose an hour of sleep and all the mothers out there ask. I am often confused when it comes to time change. Is this the "good" one or the "bad" one? This is the one where you wake up an hour earlier when the alarm goes off but the kids wake up an hour later cause they only wake when their internal clock goes off. Is this good or bad? Bed time might be harder but mornings might be better.

What is your opinion? I know for a fact if they just left the time alone I would be good with that. Let the sun come up when it wants to. Don't confuse the world with all your clock changing. Now the mornings will be darker. "Yeah but your evenings will be brighter". Well what if I liked my mornings where they were? I guess my personal feelings don't count I guess my clock is ruled by the greater consensus.

And now on to the rest of my evening and the weekend that is half over. And a time change I don't what to think of. But life goes on right? Of course it does. Give me a week and I will come to some conclusion about how great this new time is and half a year from now I will be confused all over again. Till then, happy time change to you all.

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