Monday, February 11, 2013

Out the door goes another

This little beauty found it's way out from here and into a new home. The owner is someone I know and love. She is a cousin that I spent a lot of my younger years being annoyed with. She is younger than me by a few years and as we look back on it now we realize that chances are she was always driving me crazy because she just wanted to be near me. (I don't really understand why as I was often annoyed with her.) It turns out we have a lot in common and are very much alike.

This Pinafore was a joy to make and was sold even before I was able to put it up in my shop. As I sew my items I usually post little detail pics on my Instagram feed and I guess she was sold on this one even before she had seen the whole thing.

When I posted a final picture on Facebook saying it was done she told me not to let anyone else get at it before she could. So It was sold before it made it to market.

What fun to share with my own family the things that I can make. I look forward to seeing this on her little girl one day.

Thanks for the support from all my family and friends and you my readers. It is such fun to share our lives with you all.

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