Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Lady Quotes

Lately Suzie is full of some great quotes. Let's start with supper.

After a meal she often will tell me that her tummy rumbles.

Suzie: "Mom, my tummy rumbled."
Me: "Oh yeah."
Suzie: "yeah I think it rumbled cause it's just organizin' the the food I put in there"

Sitting at the supper table before the meal has started she hears me say that it is ready, time to eat. She has been chattering away the whole past hour.

Suzie: "Dad supper time"
Dad: ........
Suzie: "Dad it's time to eat"
Dad: ........
Me: "Paul it's time to eat"
Dad: "ah, okay I'll be right there"
Suzie: "Mom I already told him"
Me: "Yeah I know sweety but sometimes dad has heard so much of your talking, cause you talk all the time, that he can't even hear you after a while."
Suzie: "Yeah, Sometimes my Talking gets tired of my talking and I need a drink, can I have a drink of water? My talking is getting tired of my talking." drinks water, "Ah, that's better, now my talking feels better."

A Jade Bean quote is still a little harder to come by at this point. But the fun thing is there are words coming. Right now they are copying words. Just now Suzie calls out and says
"Mom, Jades getting into trouble."
Jade comes walking over to me, "tubow,... tubow,.... tubow"

Awhile back we were having a bit of a rough morning and Suzie had been crying very hard for quite sometime. I really was sorry she was having such a rough go of it and asked if she would be okay. Between sobs of great sorrow she cries "Mom, I don't think...... I will be happy........ till Summer!" Thankfully we didn't have to wait that long to see her sweet smile again.

Oh my sweet Suzie. You are an amazing little girl with more emotions than the average bear but I love you desperately. The other day, after Suzie had a really major melt down one minute and was laughing like the silly goose she is the next. Paul was kind of amazed, again, at how she can go from the "End of the world to all is a rainbow" in a split second. I told him that people like her are an amazing gift. It may be hard to understand the high emotion but her little heart, when given the opportunity and guided well can be full of compassion. She will laugh with those who laugh and cry with those in sorrow. Her heart will know fully what it is to love and laugh, to sorrow and ache. Life so full of emotion can be hard but she will learn that it can be a blessing.

Just now,
Me: "Suzie, I like you"
Suzie: "Thanks mom for giving me my Jader Bean out of your Belly"
No matter how much they bother each other it is all redeemed in the moments when they love each other. I saw Jade reach out and put her arms around Suzie's waist the other day. Suzie thought that Jade was trying to bother her but I knew different. Jade Loves her big sister and wants to be just like her.

Each day we pray that we can do the best that we can to help them know these things. We pray that we can guide their little hearts in the ways they should go. Our little ladies are so different from each other and from others that we know. It is our Suzie and Jade that we are raising, no other child in the world is the same as these two.

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