Saturday, February 9, 2013

Foot prints in the snow

On Monday life is going to take a bit of a turn. We know it is coming, the change but we don't know what it will be like. There is apprehension in the new, in the unknown.

This man, the father of my girls, the love of my life is going to start the next stage of his apprenticeship.

He is unsure as to what this will be like. He is nervous.

He was home schooled all through his childhood and has not done any post secondary schooling at this point.

This will be his first time in this kind of a setting, as a student. And he doesn't know what to expect.

Anyone who knows him says he will do fine, (including me) but still it is the unknown. And of this I understand. As I told Suzie, anything that is new to us can make us nervous. It is not a bad thing to be a bit unsure. Even good things, things we look forward to can make us feel like this. A new destination for travel, stepping into a new relationship. There is the fact that we don't know what to expect, how it will go and what we will or will not accomplish.

But there is one thing I am sure of. And that is My husband. He is a man that can do what he puts his mind to. He can and will do a great job of this next step. I am proud of him. I am proud that he is on this road and doing an amazing job of it. Now we stand with him in this new stage of the game and will cheer him on from the side lines. And just as any partner that can only stand on the side lines and cheer on their racer, I am nervous and excited for him and can't wait to see how he does.

: :

And here are some more pics from the walk we took last Sunday. The one that was colder than I had expected and the girls enjoyed more that I had hoped.

Blue eyes!!

Checking out another great old building in our home town. This was once the school in town and is now the office space to a small business. I believe they only use some of the space in the basement and we would love to take a look around in the two upper floors.

Some great detailing in the brick. They sure don't do it like they used to.

Walking in the snow.

Swings are good any time of year.

Her big sister went down head first, why not her too?

Chasing Daddy in the snow.

The foot prints of my family. I am so proud of each and every one of these three. They inspire me to move forward, to be a better person and to love with all my heart.


  1. I love that "flying" shot! Best of luck with the next stage of the apprentiship!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. Looking forward to the change (he might actually be home earlier every day?) And looking forward to his self confidence building with the accomplishment.


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