Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspired #17 No rymhn or reason

Just because I like them

Is spring in the air? Maybe I am just dreaming. Maybe cause I have heard people talk of it. A rumor far off that has been a part of a past life but feels so unreal in the deep freeze. That does not hold me back from the dream.

1: The flowers on this clock, the simple shape, how can you go wrong with such bold colors?
2: Push pins made from old jewelry? Yes I  could take part in that, thank you very much.
3: This Tea box!! What can I say, it speaks many more delightful things than I could every put forth.
4: Cozy up, spring has not sprung and will be long coming in my neck of the woods.

5: This is a beaut. I love Beauts!!
6: Like I said winter is not behind us, in fact for us Manitobians we are in the midst of the thickest bit.
7: But we still dream of warmer days, dry ground, Ballet slippers. I dream....
8: SOCKS!! Big comfy boot socks.

Can you see? How my mind dreams of one reality and sees another. There is great stuff to be found all around us and why stick to the season we are in? There is always hope around the corner and there is great stuff to be found in every season. And well..... I like to window shop.

Happy winter day or summer if you are in that part of the world. As for me I think we will bundle up and head on out for the morning. Always something to do so let's go do it.


  1. Beautiful blog!
    Thanks so much for adding our vintage picture frame!Best, Gazaboo

    1. Thanks for taking a look around. And all the best to you as you move through this life.

  2. Thank you so much for including my vintage flowers push pins. Love that tea box. I'm going to have to go check that out myself! ; ) Spring will be here soon (despite the snow I see when looking out my window)...thanks for the inspiration and hope! ; )

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Love the push pins and so many items in the shop. Looking forward to more drips falling from the roof as the melt down to spring comes around. Enjoy the seasons as they change


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