Monday, February 4, 2013

This had to get out there

These pictures have been sitting in my draft "bin" for months now. I guess I just never really knew what to say about them. Maybe I thought you would be bored of this old life that we live. There seems to be little adventure and when there is an adventure it is little.

But hey, it still get's a smile out of us.

Or sometimes a....... smirk?

And our daily breakfast of oatmeal isn't much to write about but it sustains us. It set's us up for the day ahead. That day could hold anything, we never can be to sure. Even if it is only the vacuum making it home from the project after months away and the stairs to the basement getting a dust bunny removal after just as long.

And then there's this. What can I say to this?

It is entertaining enough to watch but I struggle to really let them loose more often.

But I mean, why does this bother me? What am I so stressed about? It is only a bit of paint. What harm is there in a bit of mess? Why must I keep life tidy and neat? This all washes off and they are right back to normal in no time.

This is all really easy for me to say when I sit here typing away at a clean key board with two kids entertaining themselves in "safe" environments. Safe from mess at least. But when the paints are asked for just as I am about to start..... I was going to say supper prep but really if they are asked for when I am about to start anything I kind of grimace and try to divert them to a different form of play. And yet I want the "artistic" side of them to be set free. How can that be done if I always suggest something else?

These are all questions I ask myself often and as of yet have not found a really good answer to. But till I do let's see if I can let go of just one little thing at a time.

How about you? Is there a bit of "mess" in your life that is just creative expression but you can't seem to let it free? Maybe if we tell ourselves to let go once a week. Maybe it will grow. Maybe the expression will become something not so messy and we can see the beauty in it. Even if nothing changes but our hearts towards it. Go ahead. Let them run in the mud just this once. Maybe next week they'll offer to do the dishes instead. Yes that can be just as hard as the mud for me. Talk about water everywhere.

Happy start to the week. Find something creative and get your hands dirty.


    Funny I just read this post! I'm a messy-craft addict having withdrawal symptoms right now because I know that I should at least not allow messy activities in the carpeted room and the wipe-able kitchen is in renovation mode right now. One of my kids is really into body art and creative wall art. It's awesome, but slightly destructive... I love it.

    1. I wish I were a bit more free to let the kids go crazy but I and my husband struggle with the mess and destruction that can take place. So we try to find a happy medium. Maybe once summer hits we'll find more ways to do outdoor art.


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