Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fun #46 read a book

Hello Friday, I've missed you. I know you were here last week but I had kind of forgotten about you. I guess life as been so busy, what with Saturday being such a drag and all. It seems as though it is trying to be you. It is a day of work and not the day off that it once was. So here you are left in the lurch. It's okay, your roll in our lives as the last day before a day off will return again, until then let me show you that your are still a welcome part of our week.


See I even all capped you in that last bit there. That means I am shouting it out. I still like you.

My girls read books.

Well actually Suzie goes through them and repeats the entire thing to the best of her memory. I am impressed at how much she remembers after just one reading.

And Jade flips pages.

Points out things like Bums and babies.

But how ever they "read" the books they sure do love to. And I love this love that is growing in them. I want a house packed with books. But for now I will work on the few that we have and grow my library as best I can.

Happy Friday all. I do so hope this weekend is full of fun and relaxation and joy and love and light and.....
You get the idea. Go Have a good one!!


  1. Bums and Babies:-) Sweet! I love the red sofa too!

    1. Her fascination with both is very fun. And that red couch came from my folks place. Where they got it I don't really remember but I too love it.


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