Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The People part 2

Oh yes, the people. There are two families that I am a part of. One that I was born into and the other came with my husband the day I married him. They are now as much a part of my life as my own family. "Mom" and "Dad" are the grandparents of my girls and Paul's siblings are now mine as well. They are Uncles and Aunts to my girls. When I was young I didn't know the difference between my moms siblings and my dads. They were my Uncles and Aunts and that is all that mattered. I have been blessed to not only be married to the best man for me but he came with the best in-laws I could have asked for.

And so here are the people of my life at Christmas time, part 2. For part 1 go here. As in part one, part two is missing a few of the family members as they were not in the room while the camera was clicking it's shutter. But they are just as much a part of the family and are loved.

And so to start I will start with Mom.

Paul's Mom, Wendy

And Dad, Irv

Paul's Brother, Ross,

And his Wife, Nikki

Their boy

And Paul's Sister, Mandi

Her Husband, Randy

And their girl

Their littlest guy.

And of course here is my youngest and her daddy.

There you have most of my husbands family. There are only three missing. Ross and Nikki's older girl, Randy and Mandi's older boy and of course my Suzie. I am so thankful for my Family. For all of them. I have two families that really work out into one big one. The amazing thing is that because Paul and I grew up in the same small town church our parents were friends long before He and I were to become a couple. They raised their families side by side and so we all are one big family in a sense. Such a blessing to be surrounded on all sides by love and encouragement. Support abounding beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you, my families, for being the most amazing people I could have asked for in my life. I am blessed beyond words.

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