Friday, January 18, 2013

Another great book

I came here today to let you in on a little secret. All right fine, it's not really a secret just sounds more romantic when I call it that.

If I were Anne with an E I am sure I would have a much more elaborate way of letting you in on my story of choice. To share with you all the eloquent nuances of this young girls life. This is a book that maybe I should have read back when I was a young girl of 12 or so but at that time of my life I hated reading. Yes I used a very strong word and in fact I don't know if it is strong enough to describe how detestable it was to me then.

But something happened in my growing up, I found it has become a lovely past time. Yes at this point you could say I am all grown up now but I wouldn't believe you. Just cause my Birthday puts me at 33 doesn't mean I feel it. I would say more along the lines of 17 or 18. All that is beside the point. Here I am, a grown woman reading a book that is full of a young girls life and I am loving it.

(If you will notice on the floor beside our favorite reading chair is one of Suzie's favorite books. "You're in Love Charlie Brown". For more of her favorites and ours as a family you can check them out here.)

Anne of Green Gables is a movie I watched often with my cousin/best friend while growing up. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Reading this book is bringing me back to that time but also fills me with a sense of the future. While reading the dialogue of Annes incessant talking I can imagine what our future may hold. Suzie has a skill set in the form of words that astounds me. I wonder at how often we will listen to her go on with no end when she is at the age of 11 or so. I mean we do already so maybe then it will be bigger words and longer, full stories. I am intrigued to get to know my future daughter.

And there you have the book I am reading at this time. Nothing deep. Nothing philosophical. Just pure entertainment.

While looking to post this book here I cam across some old pictures of the girls doing what they love.

I have discovered that Jade will be easily focused when it is something of interest to her. She will spend a good half hour at this where I think Suzie at this age could have spent two minutes, on a good day.

Such fun to watch and get to know my girls. And as the days go by there is always more to learn about them.

I hope that your week went well and that the weekend is full of new treasures. Books, memories, simple or grand. Finding new in the old or old in the new. Enjoy each and every moment laid out before you.


  1. Awww one of my favorite books and movies - Anne of Green Gables!!! I sure do miss having you just down the road to enjoy life with! Not a week goes by that I don't think of you!
    Oh, and the other day someone asked me how old I was and I said "28" without a bit of hesitation! Then I thought a moment and said Hmmmm I'm actually not 28 I'm 36. Haha!
    Your daughters are adorable and you are such a good Mommy!!!!
    I love and miss you!
    Heidi =)

  2. We just happen to have all the Anne books if you need to borrow :) Gregg also bought me the whole movie pack and we are thinking of doing a few Anne movie nights 1 of these days :)


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