Friday, January 4, 2013

The people, part 1

I mentioned in this post that this year something really struck me. This year it was about the people for me. The ones that are near and dear to my heart, the ones that I love.

I almost didn't put this post together cause in my time visiting with these people I did not spend a lot of time taking pictures so some were missed. I don't want those who are not pictured here to think that they don't count. They are just as important as those who did happen to be in the room when I had my camera out, which was only once. I wanted to really Be with the ones who are in my life vs. trying to take pictures and missing out.

I almost didn't post this because I didn't want those who are pictured to feel embarrassed in some way. I don't want you to look at the picture of yourself and be concerned on the angle it was taken from or that your facial expression isn't "perfect. Instead please look at it and know that you are loved. Enjoy that you are a part of this loud and crazy family that doesn't always make sense or agree on things but that does love each other from the bottom of our hearts.

So for those who do not know my family let me introduce you to some of them. And let me start with the Lady who is Mother to me and my four brothers.

My Mommy, Debbi

And here is my daddy, Ernie and one of the four boys.


His wife, Gab

And their youngest

My oldest brother, Gregg

His oldest

And middle

And youngest

Another brother, Caleb

This is the wife of my youngest brother, Jesse

And their second son.

Caleb's friend

And you all know this as my oldest daughter who was having a serious visit with her Grandma.

These are most of them. Those missing are my oldest brothers wife, two of Alex's boys, my youngest and husband, my youngest brother Jesse and his oldest. It was a time of much visiting and laughing. Some tears and deeper conversations and more growing together. I want them to all know that I love them desperately. I want this time of year to be more about them than about the things we "need" or want. I want my life to reflect that more. I often forget in my moments of selfishness. But I do so hope to learn it more and more each day. 

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