Monday, December 24, 2012

What it is all about

December has been a full one. I have not felt at all prepared for Christmas this year. But when it came down the the wire and people asked if I was ready I answered them with a smile. "Nope, Not done, probably won't be. But it's about the people and not the stuff that gets done". It felt good that I believed it in the moments of talking to them. It didn't feel good that I didn't always believe it. Like when I was trying to cram to much stuff into one day and forgot other things that were more important in the end. It didn't feel good when my heart would start to race when my mind thought on the list that had accumulated in my mind.

I want so much to believe the words, It is not about the stuff, but I am afraid that I fall victim to the feelings of obligation even when they are not laid on me. It is a self  induced problem and I am sorry to admit that I too fall for it. But it opens my eyes when I do admit it. I have some things to work on. I have some heart issues to deal with that maybe I had not totally opened my eyes to. But that is what is so blessed about this life. We get to do just that. We get to try again. I get to choose my actions and how I take things on. If I allow it to stress me out one year then I get to choose not to let it get to me next year. And this is exciting to me.

And so I want to let it be about the people. More and more that is what is on my heart. I see all the stuff that fills my home and I wonder if I could get myself to live with less. I admit I have moments of feeling like I want to remove it all from my life but when I look at each item I can't seem to let it go. But this year I want to let go of more stuff. I want to focus more on the people in my life.

: :

Here are some of the people in my life. A couple of them.

I have more pictures of both my family and Paul's.

I look forward to going through them and sharing with you.

But for now this is what I have.

The snow this year has been lovely.

And the trees held thick blankets of frost for nearly a week before a breeze came in an sent it falling to the ground.

This year the tree got set up in the corner between the couches. It turns out to make a great place to lie under the tree without having to set up any beds.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family.

I pray that this year is relaxed. If it has not been then I pray that you find a calm in the midst of this seasonal storm. It seems to sweep so many of us away so easily. I too have been one to fly with the winds of it. I so pray that you have found shelter from the storm and remain in that place.

A week or so back Paul and I went to see the entire Messiah performed. I knew I enjoyed *this music. I knew that it meant a lot to me. But I had not thought that I might need to bring a hanky. I had not thought that my heart would be so reminded and moved by what our Savior has done for us. It struck a cord deep within me that left me crying my eyes out. I cannot imagine my life without such a great blessing as the coming of my Lord and savior to give Peace and good will to ALL men. And for this I am thankful. If there is anything I recommend it is this, if ever you get a chance to sit and hear the Messiah performed without distraction do it. Let the words into your heart and know that He did this for You.

Be blessed and know that you are loved. Merry Christmas to all.

*This is one example of the piece for this is the part of the story we celebrate this season. But it is only a portion of the entirety, it is only a small bit of what it was all about.

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