Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moving out Part 3

Sheesh! I said something about telling our story but this is going to start looking like I am going on a tangent. A rabbit trail if you will. It turns out though that this is our story. And it is my side of the story so you have to hear about bits of my life that do not include him. I hope this is okay with you but I think all these bits and pieces make up some of the important information on how we actually ended up together.

Moving out happened cause I panicked. I was 19, on the itty bitty edge of 20. All I ever wanted was to get married and for some reason at the age of 15 I created this thought that if I was not married before my 20s then I was destined for old maid-ism. I can't really explain this thought. All I can decipher is that having my parents tell me that they were wed at 18 and 19 and then my older brother following suit I guess I just assumed that was the age to do it. After that it was too late. (yes I will admit a bit of crazy sheltered thought, I seem to be a bit of an extremist and I have been known to assume some crazy things. Like 20 being to old to marry, Yeesh!)

So there was a boy I liked who was living in Winnipeg so I followed him. Crazy right? I told you. I don't even know if he knew anything about my liking him. But a panicked mind is not a logical one. So I lived in a city pretty much by myself with very little contact with people I knew. And those I did know were merely consequential. I knew of them and hung out with them a bit but so very little that I was pretty nearly swallowed whole by the loneliness.

I lived in a very cold room in the same apartment with a boy. Yup, good Christian girl living with a boy. Oh he wasn't my crush, just a friend of a friend. Here's the thing. We never crossed paths. I left my rent on his desk and when I did move out he only knew because I left a note with my last payment. I mean I was lonely. And it was crazy.

Then my cousin took me in. Her and her family set me up in the furnace room of their suburban home. This was to be one of the turning points in my life. It was a great year. I learned so much and from there headed out to some great adventures. I still had some skewed logic to contend with but that still seems to be something I have to be reminded of. Logic is not my strong suite.

Next up, world travel.....

(These pictures were taken around the time that this story took place. It was on a driving trip that I took with my mom to BC)

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