Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rugs

Okay just so you don't get confused part way through this post there are no actual rugs here. I have been wanting some area rugs for our home since I was pregnant with Suzie but we have never really taken the time to make that happen. One day.

In the mean time this post is about the once a year rug making that I do right here in my own home.

I doubt their original name was such but that is what we called them growing up and continue to do so to this day. My girls will not even know there was a different original name. And that's the way we're going to keep it so, Shhhh, don't tell.

Here is one out of the three logs that have to be rolled out. When they say only fridge for one hour they mean it. A whole day and it is more like a green, tubular brick.

Needless to say starting at nine and getting done at eleven is very plausible. A whole day spent doing unexpected things is what led to this late night bake fest but turns out it was fun.

I even got Paul to take some pictures of the process so I was not alone.

(I use wax paper while rolling it out to get even sizing and real sharp corners. It is therapeutic for me.)

Three layers rolled and cooled.

And then to align the colors is much easier as I can move them without actually grabbing the dough.

Three lovely layers all stacked and ready for folding.

Don't mind the mess that I am in, remember this is after a long day of bumping around in a dump truck.

And fold

Eeee! isn't it the cutest little tube of folded goodness. Are you starting to the the gist of where this Rug reference is coming in?

Slice and bake. These are a favorite of my moms and I am sooo excited to say that this year they will be out here for a bit of Christmas holidays along with all the rest of my family. It will be a full blown Thiessen mess.

Happy Christmas baking if that is your thing and if not then Happy Christmas doing what ever it is you like to do for this season. I hope you are diving into the things that help to bring joy in your lives.

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  1. Ruth's favorite ~ she is always happy that you take the time to do all the fancy stuff :)


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