Sunday, December 16, 2012


Today, that is where we are, Five years of marriage.
Some days it seems like it has always been, like we have always been married and always had kids. I know when I look at the dates and ages, how many years have really passed of course I know it has not been always. But here's the thing. I like this feeling. I like the "always been" feeling. It means it has come to feel natural. It is the way it was always meant to be.

I have started out on a journey of telling "our story" and though I had hoped to finish before today I realize that I never can. As I tell our story we continue to live it as well. All our past intermingles to bring us here. And here is only a space in time and soon it will be our past, part of our story. And so I will bring you through the day when both our pasts came together and joined into one.

The day we wed.
I've kind of done this once before but I did not really go into details of the day. Just a few pics and that is what I left you with. Today I hope to share a bit of why things were the way they were.

December 16 2007
This was a simple wedding for we are a simple couple. We are not into over doing it when it comes to celebrations. We are thankful for what it all means but are a little more down to earth when it comes to something like this.

on the phone with my future husband while riding into the "big city" with my parents.

Getting my hair done by my future sister in law.

Putting this dress on for real. This is the time he sees me in it. This is the day I marry the man of my dreams.

I wore a necklace and earrings that were my moms moms.

I got ready at a cousins home so that I would not have to drive the 45 minutes while wearing the whole get up.

Seeing each other for the first time. We chose to do the photos before the ceremony so that there would be no wait for the guests between that and the reception. Our first sight was in front of very few audience which was so good for my man who is a private sort.

And then we were off to an old building in town for our photos. We did not have a wedding party cause I was afraid I wouldn't know where to end. I have too many friends that I would have wanted to stand up with me and again we wanted small and simple. My logical husband suggested this very simple solution to my problem.

Just a sweet little flower girl to lead the way down the aisle.

My Uncle married us. He was also the pastor of the church we grew up in. If you will remember here I hint at the fact that we grew up in the same church.

(the church we got married in is not the one we grew up going to but instead was the one where I had many choir concerts while in my younger years.)

As a great gift one of my brothers drove us to our reception. This is one of my husbands best friends and while growing up he was my worst enemy. Things have changed since those times and our friendship has only increased from all the hardship.

(you like my seal skin boots? it gets cold here in Manitoba.)

What I wore while indoors.

The reception was held in the very small town hall that housed the church where we grew up. It was busy and fun and I hardly ate a thing cause there were to many to see and love. It was such fun and I would say the only thing that I would do differently is to have the day go by a little slower.

And just as our story is so full of many details so was the day we wed. I still have not touched on every bit that took place but how can you. Some memories come up only while sitting and visiting about it. If you want to know more you will have to just ask. Till then just know that it really was only one day that started us on a new journey together and that is what mattered most in the end.

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