Monday, November 5, 2012

Time to read

She is an avid reader. She learns from her sister.

And these books are so serious. Every bit of information is taken in fully.

There was a time when I was getting up before my girls in the morning. Then something happened. They liked the time I was getting up and decided to join me. This was a little frustrating at first cause that little bit of quiet time all to myself was important to wake up peacefully and get myself ready for the day.

You see, I like to wake up slowly. Even if my body is moving about the house, getting Paul's lunch together, my mind is not fully awake nor are my senses. My Suzie-Kim on the other hand wakes up full force. I believe she actually starts talking before she wakes up. And Jade wakes up running. So between the two of them my quiet time was not too quiet.

And then I introduced the green chair reading hour. Okay maybe it's not an hour. Maybe 15 min. if I'm lucky. But it is a shared bit of time where they sit side by side in my favorite green chair and read. Suzie often "reads" from memory and Jade either listens or looks through her own book. I don't have pictures of this for a few reasons.

1: I am spending that time waking up and putting Paul's lunch together.

2: I am finding it increasingly more difficult to take pictures of Suzie where she is not acting for the camera. And when I want to take a picture of the two of them sitting on the chair she will more than likely start to "dance" on the chair.

3: mornings do not give me enough natural light for taking pictures and if you know me you know that I get very frustrated with the flash and it's shadow inducing habits.

And there you have a time to read. I will also send Jade or Suzie to the green chair when they need some space but can't seem to figure it out themselves. And the three of us usually climb up into this chair for a bit of reading before nap time or bedtime or in the middle of the day cause it's just time to read.
Next up. Some more of the books we read.
Where do you send your kids to read? Or when they need some space?
Or you do?
Where is your favorite place in your home to read your favorite book?


  1. So sweet and a good habit! When I was young I could get lost in books for hours!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I love seeing them spend time reading. Can't wait till Suzie can actually read and then be entertained all the more.


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