Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Study in fresh snow.

With the end of October comes the beginning of snow falls. They will melt away. But eventually they will stay. I awoke Saturday morning to a fresh blanket covering the earth. Silence fills the air and it some how seems cozy.

Finely things are getting tucked in for the winter.

This lone Sunflower had been full of seeds at the end of the season. I had great plans of roasting them at some point but it turns out there was a blue jay in town that thought they were good straight from the plant.

So now she stands empty in my garden looking lovely and covered in snow.

and this little trick standing out in the back yard just loves the snow.

Okay, I am not sure if it loves the snow but I sure did find it cheery standing out there with it's little bumps of snow.

It has all since melted just as I predicted but there will be more. So for now I think I might just bake some cookies and wait for the next time around. And the question of what to have for supper is causing my brain some strife so I must go rectify that problem as well.

Happy Wednesday and Hope you enjoy the coming and going of the weather. Just pray that there are no more Sandy storms to hit the coast line. Reading a few blog posts from around the web gives just a taste of what they have all been going through along the east coast. My thoughts and prayers with you all in this time of recovering and clean up. Oh how I can never imagine what it must be like to lose your home is such a way.

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