Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Draft that needed to be

I had these two pictures just sitting in a draft waiting for something epic to be written along with them. But Meh. There is nothing to say, I mean look at these two. Do they not just set you up for,...well....hum drum.

These look like two girls who are not sure what to think about the season ahead of them. What is this "cold" that every one is talking about. Where is the snow that is supposed to come with it? (there is snow now these are old pictures already)

So if you look towards the Christmas season with unsure feelings then just think of this. There are two little girls in this post that really are a perfect picture of the unsure. It happens. The seasons come and go even if all we can do is stand and stare.

That's it. That's all I have to say. I know in the States they are celebrating Thanksgiving and to them I say, Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Here we are celebrating another day nearly come to a close. There is soup on the stove and a grumpy girl at my feet. I have just gotten the news that my half a beef has made it to the butcher just in time as I am on the last of my meat. That is my excitement for the day.

Happy Thanks giving. May it lead to a wonderful winter coming.


  1. I can relate to your pictures! Thank you for sharing. I found you through the Papa is a Preacher Thursday Linkup. I am glad I did. :)

  2. Hi Angie, Thank you for being my one and only contestant and entertainer on Randomnest:-) Please contact me to let me know where to send the cards to. I'm doing you a mash up of both sets:-) I love these pictures. It really captures the transition of the seasons so well. I find that Autumn to Winter is the hardest. Autumn distracts you from the loss of summer with it's brilliant colours and fresh crisp air. And then the leaves go all soggy and the trees are bare, and the days are dark and everyone has got some lergie or another. Not so sure I'm a Winter fan... until it snows and it brightens things up and you can have twinkling lights and hot chocolate and hopefully family and friends around you!


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