Tuesday, November 27, 2012

33 is here

Today is my 33 birthday. Yesterday I thought it was my 33 birthday. For the last few weeks I have thought that it was yesterday. Then when I talked to my sister in law about it being my birthday and no one had yet mentioned it she interjected with...

"What! are you sure it's today. I thought it was tomorrow. So that means it's Suzie's birthday tomorrow?"

"yeah I'm pretty sure"

"Really? Are you Sure?!"

"Hmm not so sure any more, let me check"

Sure enough yesterday was the 26th. NOT my day of birth. Today is the 27th. I was born on the 27th of November. But you know it was a blessing in desguise. I saw that I could handle it if nobody said anything to me on my birthday and now on to what I came here for.

33 things I love.
1: Children to love and adore.
2: A husband to love and adore
3: A warm home to keep my family in.
4: The fact that it is true what they say. The older you get the more you know that you know less than you though.

5: The seasons of the year. Each one full of potential.
6: The sun light streaming through the blinds early in the morning and the alarm did not wake me. (that did not happen this morning but I love it when it does).
7: That when I look back over the years the pain becomes a blur that puts into focus the joy.

8: The opportunity to share with others the life that we live and the love that we give.
9: That my Husband tried to throw a surprise birthday party for me tonight (turns out to many guests were sick but he tried)
10: Giving myself a challenge of telling you 33 things I love and coming to ten and realizing that I can actually add in some random things like number 10
11: My family that loves me so much. 

12: The fact that this year is not going to be brown as we already have a good amount of snow and it can only snow more from here on out
13: I love that my girls love to spin and spin and spin.....spin......spin
14: I love when I have a supper meal planned and it seems like I actually know what I am doing in the kitchen.
15: I a fresh loaf of bread steaming on the counter
16: To climb mountains and walk the praries
17: Reading three books at once.
18: When I take a few pictures and looking over them on the computer I find that one of them is SPECTACULAR!

19: Watching this scene unfold before my eyes.
20: Hearing Suzie say "I love my sister. Thanks mom for bringing her out of your tummy for me"
21: Having my Girl do a puzzle that I remember doing when I was a little girl.

22: Knowing that at this moment four years ago I was finishing my last day of pregnancy with my first little lady. The next day was the day I saw my Suzie's eyes and knew that I could never be the same again
23: I love knowing that my husband has loved me for 20 years. That he loved me long before I gave into his love and that it can never die.
24: I love that the simple pleasure of sewing is indeed one that has been a part of my life since I was a child. 25: That my girls will grow up with memories of playing all around while I sew things for them and loved ones.

26: I love that since starting to teach violin lessons a few years ago I have grown more confident in the abilities I did not know I had.
27: Knowing that we can all make a difference in the lives of those around us with a simple smile.
28: Dancing with my girls
29: Watching the snow fall while washing dishes and listening to some of my favorite Christmas music.
30: I love the fact that my girl asked for a fish fry for her birthday supper
31: A quote that Suzie has "if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't"
32: Watching my girls hug and love on each other at my feet
33: Looking down and seeing Jades little puckered lips wanting a kiss before she runs off.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I love this list and the kids are loving the snow pictures. Very wise words from Suzie. Just what I needed to hear. I like to try to fix things and make them work, but sometimes you just have to accept that you can't fix everything.


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