Thursday, November 8, 2012

Write it down, Link it up

When I came across this post I wanted to know more so I clicked on this button...

Write it Down

To see what it was all about. Going through the links I was intrigued. I have always found writing to be a bit of a chore in one way and a wonderful outlet in another. You may not know it here but my spelling is atrocious. I don't like to admit that I rely heavily on spell checks and am shocked when I spell words like Atrocious right the first time. I often expect the little red squiggly line to show up under my words and am confused when it does not. So that is where the chore comes in. If I write it by hand there is no little red line to correct me and there is no going back when I do it wrong. It is there and that is that. You will see some spelling mistakes in this very post.

But I have spent time playing around with the "art" side of handwriting. It may not show in this post but I have spent many an hour playing with different forms of writing out my words. When I first sat down to write this out I thought I might play around with my letters again. But then I came to a conclusion. I want you to see what is real.

Here is what you would see if I were to write out a note for you on paper. (by the way if you buy something from my shop you will receive a little hand written note, Just sayin'.) This is the real me. No re-writes, no eraser. The real deal. Hope you enjoy and go ahead and follow the link to see some other fun hand writing out there in the blog world.

(also missed crossing some of my t's which I only discovered later.)

Happy Thursday all.

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  1. I love love love lilacs! Great to come across another Canadian blogger! :)


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