Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspired #15: The season to preserve

Suzie on seeing the small portion of clothes I managed to fold before diving into a vat full of tomatoes.

"Oh Good Job Mom. Good job on folding the laundry"

Suzie on seeing the laundry basket still nearly as full as it started.

"Oh, mom I think you need to just fold this laundry now"

This is my life. All my laundry baskets hold clean, not folded laundry. One of them holds summer clothes that need to be packed away but these are things I cannot seem to get at. In fact I feel that I am in a constant state of Behind. But this is not news to you. So instead of going on about how full life is with the "things that need to be done" Let's just pause for a minute and look at some fun things that inspire me with what is first on the list.

Putting food away for the winter.

1: I love jars and I love to store stuff in jars. Is this just not the cutest little thing ever
2: Okay fine, That last one can't be the cutest cause this one is blue
3: Fine Green, Yeesh, How am I to decide with all these great choices?
4: And these labels? Well you just know that these are a must when canning. These are stunning!!
5: I love these little baskets. I had no idea these even excisted and I am in LOVE
6: For the chokecherry syrup I wanted to make this year but then there were no berries. Next year
7: And this might not be something that can be used for canning but I think it would hold table butter nicely
8: Here's another green jar. That label just makes it all the more amazing.
9: Finely this canning pot. The lack of one of these in my life is why this year I am freezing my tomatoes.

Okay fine I don't lack the pot I lack the wire rack for inside and the guts to just do the boiling caner process. Everyone that hears me say that goes on to tell me how easy it is but I have only been canning for a few years now and I just have not yet gotten my nerve up. I will. I promise, one day I will boil all my cans and be a pro. But for now it is one step at a time. So yesterday I froze my tomatoes for this year.

Suzie is sitting next to me watching National Geographic kids animal videos. It is very distracting and I can't seem to focus on finishing up this post so I am going to leave you with that and hope you have a great rest of the week. And I think I might just head down stairs to sew. Have a lovely day.

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