Monday, October 1, 2012

Random times for random people

 After strapping a plastic cross stitch board on her back Suzie goes on to tell me what is happening.

"Mom I'm wearin a shield"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah I'm bein Goliath"

"Oh really, so your the bad guy?"

"No, I'm a good Goliath. I'm a girl so I can only be a good guy"

Well that came out of no where. Most often she is the bad guy cause she doesn't know any of the good guy character names.

Speaking of coming out of no where that is what this post is full of. Times long past and in fact I feel as though these should have been up on the blog long ago. But "I'm a girl so I can be random and way behind". So here goes nothing 

My folks came out for a working visit a few weeks back now. Or more, I can't even keep my days straight let alone the weeks. Did you know that today is October first? Yeah, crazy right? Well us Canadians have it even more crazy than that Next Sunday is Thanksgiving! Fall is taking me and sweeping my feet out from under me. It thinks it's funny to send my mind swirling like a bunch of orange and yellow leaves.

Just like Paul thought this would work really well for swinging Jade Bean all on her own.

Turns out it worked great. She had fun and Suzie joined in

Then of course she had to try the other direction. Yes she is wearing another skirt under her dress.

See, My mom. I'm not joking when I say they were here. If you follow my instagram feed you would have seen. Some days I find that it is easier to pull out my ipod than the ten pound weight. I just like the pictures that come from my ten pound weight a lot better.

It is a few hours later here. When it comes to writing out these posts they often take me all day if not more to make them all come together. I often wish to say some deep meaningful thing but wonder how I would make it flow smoothly when my brain feels foggy with the busy days. Jade seems to be working on some more teeth again so that makes her a clingy little thing.

But when it is this sweet pea that clings to my side I can handle that.

Playing a game of Kiss Grandma and then...

Run to kiss mom and back again.

Oh yeah, and My super great older brother came to work with my folks. My parents have some bits of property around these parts that needed some maintenance. This brother and his girls have lived in BC for the past, nearly five years, and are moving back out this way in a short little while. That will leave this small town holding four of us five kids in a very short distance of each other. Much fun to come!!!

Ah yes and somewhere in the last while I got to have four extra little kiddos here in my back yard. These are the kids of one of my many cousins and they are a joy to have around.

Here There is only one of them as the other three are off playing. (my goodness that was earlier this month and the yard looks nothing like that now. All is orange and dead with the trees coming bare as quick as the wind can remove their leaves.)

And so life goes on. My man and I are feeling the crunch coming on for the project that we have constantly on our minds. And so each evening we are working on it or on the things of the home that get left undone when we are at 152 North Railway. Soon we shall name it and no longer just call it "The Project".

Till then life is good even when full to the brim with crazy. Soon I will have my mind all organized and sitting just so. But then life might just be boring and I might not like it too much. So I think I am going to spin in circles with crazy busy and just call it dancing.

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