Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fun #45 Fall and the KCWC

Here is a quick post as in mostly pictures with a few words.

Like I said back there. A few words will go along with this post.

Yeah you see that big thing. That is something really cool

See. It's big and can drive and...

It helps up replace a window in the apartment building we are working on.

Hmm. Did I not mention that. I mean that it is an apartment building? Oh I can't remember. Whenever I call it the "project" my family and friends all know what I mean. But there are those of you that read this that do not know every detail of my life. I forget this. So if you ever have any questions as to what I really mean about certain things please feel free to ask.

Anyhow what I really came here for today was this little walk that the girls and I took before the weather turned nasty. It is now teasing us with tiny bits of frozen ice crystal type things that some are calling snow but I feel it is too early to call out such horrors. We have not even seen Halloween yet. I will call it snow when it actually leaves a blanket on the ground. It does not have to be much of a blanket but I must be able to point it out in the land scape to my girls.

Oh this... I finely know for a fact that I have photo evidence of this stance. This pose. This way she goes about studying the world. She has done this from the day she first discovered her arms. I mean, laying on her belly and not even able to roll over to her back yet she would throw her arm back there and just "relax". She will walk around the yard with her arms behind her back as she takes in the scenes about her. And now for some great fun, Her little sister thinks this is the thing to do so she will follow her while holding her hands behind her own back. The two of them studying life with their arms in place.

Little sister thinks there is nothing in the world quite like her big sister.

A few pumpkins from Paul's parents farm sit out on the front steps.

They are much enjoyed.

Suzie will sit with any large book, including the phone book, and ask me if I am listening. She will then proceed with the reading of the story of Bartimaeus. He was a blind man who received his sight from Jesus.

If you ever get a chance to hear her rendition I highly recommend it.

"Mom this looks like a tree".

And to top it all off I am working hard around the house while still trying to get ready for this next week.

I am taking part in a sewing project for one week. It is one week of sewing for one hour a day on clothes for the kids. For my own kids. Not to sell. Not to give away. But for my own girls to wear. My Suzie is in need of pants and my Jade is in need of a sweatshirt or two. Lets see what one hour a day can put out.

For more check out this link here.

Hope your weekend is full of family and love. There is not much fall left here for us before the cold really takes over. Already the world shows more of it's nakedness till it will be covered in a cozy white blanket. Soon my Older Brother and his family will be here as they are moving back to from the west. Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian family and loved ones.

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