Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun #44: Slay me

Some days Paul is home from work early enough that I can leave the home for a few short minutes to pick up some things from our local Co-op. Just a small town grocery but so greatly appreciated for those last minute items or that "one thing I forgot on the big trip into the city". Yesterday was just such an occasion. Eggs, water, cheese.
And I came home to this.

This last while has been rough. With so many things on the go and many more things that need attention around the house it often feels as though there is little time to relax. Paul has felt the push to get the project done and the house has many little things that need repairs. Many little things that add up to a whole lot.

To find him here loving on his girls shows that he cares most of all for them.

All those things can wait for a few minutes for his family.

This is one amazing man who takes the time for what is most important even when feeling overwhelmed.

Here's how to melt a mothers heart.

And last week was this little ones first time getting shots.

She was a real trooper. Only a few tears on the second shot and a quick recovery. Next day I wouldn't have known she had even had them.

We have started to do a bit of this when out for walks and wow does that melt my heart.

And when I found this to work well. Sheesh just put me down here and say I had a full and complete life.
These two are becoming better friends every day. When Suzie goes outside she is sure to ask her sister to follow. The other day as we were heading down the stairs from Jades nap Suzie came to meet us.

Suzie, "mom, I love my sister"
Me, "yeah?
Suzie, "Yeah, I really love my sister"
Me, "That's good"
Suzie "Mom, Thanks for my sister"

If you know Suzie then you know she is not a big fan of just sitting. I rarely find her drawing and in fact it is usually only when she sees others doing it that she will try her hand at it. Also the last time I saw her draw a "complete" person was quite a few months ago and it only had legs. When she declared that she would draw Jade and this is what came about I was shocked.

I've never seen her suggest arms on her drawings and it was not normal for the mouth to stay within the perimeters of the face. Goes to show that she can do something when she puts her mind to it. So in another half year she might draw another person and it might just have a body.

My kid may not follow the "normal" things. Like waiting till she is nearly four to even really try to draw a person. But so what? She will find the interest when it comes to her naturally. And from what I have seen she seems to have a bit more of a tomboyish way about her. So I say have at er and let's see what you become all on your own girl. I like who you are and who you are becoming. If you only want to draw a person once every six months then do just that. 

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