Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My take on KCWC so far

I have often come across sewing for kids week in blogs here and there on the world wide web and have always wanted to take part. So when I came across KCWC Fall 2012 I wanted to dive right in. I wasn't sure I could actually give an hour a day to sewing but now I fear what is worse.

I can't stop at only an hour. I want to sew all the time.

Now I remember why I don't allow myself to even start on a project. I will never stop. So after this week we'll see what happens but for now I am having a blast with turning out some warm winter pants for my girl.

Now on to the pattern. I have used this pattern once before and found it to be much too long in the waist for my girl and so there have been a few alterations made. For these brown pants I also brought in the pant leg as it is supposed to be a wide leg pant and I wanted something that hugged in a bit.

The fabric is brown corduroy that I had kicking around and some accent cotton that I had gotten in the scrap bin at the fabric store. Pocket design comes from here and I chose to do a flat front vs. the elastic all around on the waist band.

I didn't cut off enough excess on the front pieces and so had to do a bit of a pin tuck thing last minute but it just looks like it is part of the elastic portion of the pant so no worries. I lined the cuffs with the same fabric as the pockets so that when the pants are rolled up there is this sweet soft pink flower fabric. I figure these pants will go for a long time with so much extra cuff to roll up.

Next up were some warm jogging type pants.

Again same pattern, this time with a full leg that was pulled in with a loose elastic at the bottom.

Ah yes here is the pattern. When I took out all the kinks it works well. Really it is a referance point that I use cause it fits well for my girls bottom. Just the waist was too high and the leg to long. She is a size 4 so to speak but not so tall.

Also a little balloon detail for my balloon loving girl.

Again just using fabric I had kicking around. This was left over from a house coat I had made for my husband a while back.

Now I am off to work on a pare of pajama pants for this same little lady. Hope you are having a great time doing the things you love to do. I will say the sewing bug has bit hard and I hope to continue for at least the rest of the week if not a bit more.

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  1. Wow you have been a busy lady! I recently finished another dress, but it took me forever haha ;)




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