Thursday, October 11, 2012

The hard question

After  a day like today I have to sit myself down and ask myself some serious questions.

1: How was this day?                        AMAZING!!
2: How come, can you explain?       Cause I got a lot of chores done and also spent good quality time with the girls. I even managed to get in some sewing and blogging.
3: How was this possible?               

Should I tell myself the truth? Should I answer honestly? If I do then that means I know where I am going wrong when I do not do what seemed to work so well for today. And in hind sight there are two truths here. So I guess my answer would look something like this.

Well it was possible because the girls were amazing today. They kept themselves occupied when I was busy, they napped at the same time. Over all they never seemed too naggy and just happy all day.

But here's the thing, that is really only the first part of the answer.  There are two parts to this story. That part is the girls part this next part is my part. The bigger of the two.

It was possible cause I didn't procrastinate on the things I knew I had to do. I spent little to no time surfing the net and any time that I did sit to take a break I spent with my girls.

See what I mean. That second answer is a hard one to look at. I know the truth about myself but when I write it out and look at it like this it is a difficult truth to admit. The reason it is so hard? Because normally my days do not go smoothly. Normally I do procrastinate on nearly every task at hand. And the hardest part? Is that very fact. My days do not go smoothly very often and it is more likely than not, my fault. As if I want to put the blame right here on my own shoulders. That means I have to change something in myself. Boo. I want to be lazy. I don't want to work hard to change my old ways. But then I ask myself after a day like today.

4: WHY NOT!! This day was so wonderful! You were happy, the kids were happy. What could possibly be better than that?

Nothing really could be any better than that. Oh that I would learn my lessons and learn them well.

I hope your days are going well and that you might be learning the lessons that are set before you. For this I know is fact. We are always in a place to learn new things. Both in information and in life lessons. But if there is one thing that I know for myself it is these life lessons that I seem to easily forget or set aside. And it is they that are the most important when learned.

Blessed rest is for the soul that settles into the life that is set before them.


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