Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sold some more

When I woke up Sunday morning and opened up my ipod there was a notice from my Etsy shop. Another item had sold. In fact another two items.

What!!? Really? I pushed my husband aside from the computer to check in to see what I could see.

Turns out there is a momma of a little girl in Australia who was happy with her first purchase and wanted to have these in her little girls wardrobe as well.

Thanks so much Anita for deciding to take these little beauties home.

All packed up and ready to make it's long journey around the world.

(A little art work from both my girls to make the final wrap, Suzie colored her finger with a marker and then made finger prints all over this one)

Another part of my day today was learning the ins and outs of making English muffins.

Not to bad in the end. A few little tweaks to the technique and we are on our way.

There you have just a small part of my day and week. I am freshly showered after working a couple of hours on our project helping my man insulate two rooms. That job is done and now I am going to sit and relax for a few minutes before bed.

You know one thing I am learning again is that when you put your nose to the grind stone things can get done. You may be a bit sore in the end but a job well done feels good.
Have a good night and a great day.

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