Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun #43 Art "room"

Nearly two years ago I had something in mind. Something that I had hoped would give my girl the freedom to create on her own terms at any time. But it got stalled out. Stuck between "I guess that will do" and "Man this is perfect". So today I took what I had on hand and put into action the dream I had pictured.

Art central with everything at her reach.

I painted a couple of trees and the girls did the rest.

She has painted this one bird house more than a dozen times. I believe it might even be bullet proof at this point.

This is mainly what I worked on today. These tins were things I had just kicking around. Drill two holes and cut up some hangers and I have buckets to hang under the shelf. I took my extra wide roll of paper and cut it in half with a wood saw, grabbed a lilac branch and a few rings and now I have paper on a dispenser. When the question comes up "mom can I paint" there is no longer the dread at trying to pull out that awkwardly wide roll of paper and cut out a sheet while it rolls all back on itself. And coloring. Go for it.

Even Jade got her hands in on the painting fun.

With the cooler weather coming round the corner there will have to be more of these days.

Now my space is ready. Next up, More supplies.

Oh how happy this space makes me. I so hope to see many an hour spent crafting and creating. This is their space. I dream to set them free.

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