Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Life, Or life right now.

Okay, here's me right now.

Fine, Not right this minute, I am actually in the other room writing this post but let me just say the hair is probably similar. And I should actually be in there doing something like what you see pictured here. What I mean is, That, well... Let me show you some more.

Here are some peaches in a pot turning into peach butter. Yummy stuff that peach butter but that is not the point of this post.

Here's a picture of the stove from further back. To the left you'll see some of the girls clothes on the floor cause that is what happens, they get changed and the clothes end up there.

Here is the kitchen (stove would be to the right). The table had a box of peaches and a box of jars sitting there for the process that was taking place that day. Some cans have been filled and the second batch is on the stove. The drying rack is full of clean dishes. Yay!! They're actually clean.

And the high chair is actually in it's place. That is the back porch off to the right. That is a good place as I was once without that and all that stuff tried to live in my front entry way which is just a door to the living room.

So what does all of that have to do with "Here's me right now". Well let's just say that I want to spend more time on the blog here. I want to write more and take more pictures but there seems to be a constant boiling pot and counter of dishes to clean. And if not those things than all the rest of the house is in a state of change.

I have started a new schedule in my life but have only been at it for three days now and it is bringing many cases of house neglect to my attention. That being so there is a lot of catch up to do in all corners of this home and I still have to live every day life stuff on top of it. Let's just say that I feel a bit like this these days.

 I hope to slowly put things back together and clean out all the cob webs but in the mean time this space will suffer a bit of neglect. Posts will shorten and pictures may be fewer. Be assured that I am determined to return in full force when the home is organized to the liking of those who live in this space.

Till then accept my small tokens of content as the full amount that I can feed into this aspect of our lives and know that I am so grateful for you all. Hope you are feeling like you have both your shoes on and if not that you find the missing one soon.

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