Thursday, September 6, 2012

Camping installment #1 with a life musing to start the way.

I knew, or should I say I had been told and have since found out that being a parent was a great place to learn selflessness. I can't say I have it down pat. I can't say that I am now completely without thought of self. But I sure see how it works.

There is this other lesson that I have been learning the last few days that I had no clue would come with being a mother. The lesson that I am loved. This is where my own heart is healing through what I am seeing in my girl.

You see, Suzie is a bit of a goof ball. She has a way about her that would not "fit in" with some of the social norms. She could be seen as a bit flighty, head in the clouds kind of deal. And in fact I cannot fully describe it. You would have to meet her in person to see what I am getting at. And if you never get a chance to meet her but knew me as a girl Suzie's age then you know her. She is nearly my personality clone.

This is the cool part and the hard part as her mother. I have looked on all these quirks and struggled with embarrassment on her behalf. I remember a lot of the things I did as a child and that I got teased for and see that she is just like that. I am thankful beyond measure that I was home schooled, it was a safe place. You see the teasing that came my way came directly from those who love me. They teased me cause they thought I was cute. The problem was that I did not fully take it as such. I wondered if I was loveable. My heart did not believe that it was cherished.

Now I see it. Now I listen as my older brother can't get enough of my daughter cause it transports him back to being six and being with his little sister. How he loves to be near her. How he loved to be near me. I listen and take to heart the comments on the joy she is to watch and what pleasure it is to see the freedom. The child heart in me is healing.

There is a second blessing to this. I no longer stand embarrassed on her behalf. Instead I enjoy her ways and even take part. I am also free to be a child again along side her. I see the world through her eyes and remember what it looks like. Oh the freedom of a heart let loose by God.

I am learning what it is to be a mother to someone just like me. And this is a strange thing. Of course there are the difficulties, I know the weak points in myself and can see them in her. I know a bit of what her struggles might be along the way. But this too is a blessing. I can pray and guide as best as I know how. Will I make mistakes? Oh most definitely, we all do. So I will step out in faith, knowing that I am the one that God chose to be the mother to my Suzie. And I will take great joy and pleasure in watching her grow into her own.

: :

And now for the start of the camping trip.

What do you think? Is she excited?

A calm moment.

Her "I've been told to smile" smile.

Once we had arrived and set up camp it was dark with a full moon to guide the way.

And the next morning we were up at a descent hour. Not too early, just right for a camping trip. The next two mornings the girls were up before the sun.

A common sight around the table was these two consuming any sort of food thrown their way. Funny how living outdoors increases the appetite.

Paul showed Suzie the wonders of the camping size cereal boxes.

After carefully cutting it all open on the lines and cutting open the bag so they could pour milk right in the box Suzie informed him that she didn't want milk "I want it just like that. I want it dry". Maybe when she is older the novelty of milk in a box will be of interest to her.

These two love the daddy so much. Lot's of great time was spent with him.

And Campy coffee was a must. Turns out it was pretty good. There may have been a bit of ash in the water but you can't tell.

I had to make my way to the bathroom many a time on this trip. Each time I had to go and each time Suzie had to go it was a walk to the only running water location. I tried to coordinate it but that doesn't always work. This time I had left a pretty fussy Jade Bean with her dad expecting to come back to the crank master 2000. Instead I found this.

A resting place in her fathers arms.

There you have the first installment of what will be a three part series of camping trip pictures. I do this so that you are not inundated with photographic information and to keep you coming back for more. Hope your week is full and the days that are shorter a filled with Love as the long days are filled with Sun. Happy start to the fall that is all around. The leaves have started to change here in our lovely province. Suzie is asking when the snow will fly and the garden is full of tomatoes to harvest.

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  1. Oh those cereal boxes... what good parents you are! So happy you enjoyed your little trip, it will just get easier and easier. Yes, your Suzie may be 1 of a kind, but it's a great kind to be! We can't wait to get to know their personalities more, not just those little toddler years, this is going to great stuff!


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