Saturday, September 8, 2012

More camping pictures attached to a post with other stuff too.

The words aren't flowing smoothly at this moment. Maybe I should set this aside for a moment when I am "feeling" it. But those moments usually come while I am meditating of a sink full of soapy suds and a counter full of dirty dishes that I am tackling. Or while the laundry goes up on the line one clothes pin at a time, flapping lazily in the breeze (thought today it was more like frantically in the wind). I sit here now with Jade taking comfort in my lap working her way to sleep. She is mostly still when there is milk filling her belly and sleep is right around the corner. That's where I am right now. Camping ended nearly a week ago and already my mind has moved on, busy with all that needs to be done and all that is being left undone. With a list so full I wonder what are the better things to let fall through the cracks.

Today I found an interest in my Suzie. Why this did not strike me earlier I will never know. My talker who speaks words constantly loves the idea of communicating with her hands.

With Jade picking up a few baby sign words here and there I decided to learn more to teach her. I want to communicate with my Jade Bean and she is just not into speaking that much. I am not worried but I am used to an early talker.

So I downloaded a "learn sign language" app on my ipod. I see no harm in pulling it out every now and then to learn a few words here and there.

When our Suzie laid eyes on this new form of getting thought across to another human she was all in. She wanted to see more videos. "Another one, Now this one....I want to choose one this time".

And so we did. We probably learned 20 or more words in one sitting and she remembers most of them.
"Suzie what was this one" do the sign for her.
"oh that's TV, and that one's look" and so on.

I have found something to teach her. Something that interests her and me both. Something we can easily do together. I'll let you know how it goes.

And now back to camping

Jade does a wonderful Jade Bean stomping dance with squeals and acclamations galore when ever she sees this carrier.

Then when she rides along this is the only face I can capture on photo. And to try to capture the excitement that leads up to this would quickly turn to anger on her part for my taking too long.

And who wouldn't entertain a baby with clothes pins in the middle of a dusty gravel camp site to give time to the mommy to build a fire.

Baby entertained, Check!

At least for a minute.

And nap time looked like this.

Daddy and mommy pulled out the snacks and played a couple of games of life. This is the life where you start your life and finish it in less than half an hour.

And for supper one night we had hot dogs and macaroni and another night we had this.

Yes that is steak and potatoes and a full fledged salad. Camping 'aint so bad.

Then dad did this..

And that made Suzie do this...

And Jade do this....

But she changed her tune when she realized that all the racket turned into this.

Hmmm and Light sticks make my Suzie happy. She cuddles them at night and sleeps next to the glow. They make me sad cause I know that in the morning it will all be over. Thankfully she has a pretty logical mind behind all her emotions and when you tell her that they will die like a light bulb she says "Well, that's just a part of life".

And on the last night I stayed up too late and played with my camera. This is what I came up with.

Camping food storage in the back of the Dodge. Such a great tool.

Camp fire with my man....

And... that is all for this post. There are more of these late night pics and more general camping. But that will wait for next post. For now I am going to find some late night food to eat before I eat some late night junk food. Parents and brother are here to watch a movie so good night and sweet dreams. Enjoy your Sunday.

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