Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, That's what this is, barely. It is nearly noon and I have not gotten anything done but fed my family and fixed a shirt for Jade. It is relaxed and I like it like that. This is home and this is where we are. There are times when I wish Sunday morning included getting ready to head out the door and entering a church. I long for that some day but for now this is how it goes. Oh I know this is opening a can of worms. All the questions as to why we don't go. What is our cause for just staying home? Do we feel we are getting enough fellowship?

Well here is a bit of my answer to some of these questions.

Canning Peaches with my Mother-in-law while my girls play and my husband assists his dad with farm chores. This is just some of our fellowship. We don't spend the whole time talking about God. We talk on children, life, and peaches.

She asked me if I were able to put into words why I blog what they would be. What is the reason for my posting on here? It is good to be reminded of why we do things. What drives us. Some days I forget what I really started this all for. Some days I get side tracked.

But in the end the answer was clear to me still. I do this for my girls. I do it to share with them a bit of the life they live everyday. Who they are and were growing up. They can't read it at this time but I do so hope in years to come that this will be something they can look back on. The good and maybe a few hints at the difficult. I want them to know that this is a good life.

I do it for the fellowship. I do it for the encouragement that I feel I both can give and receive. I am so thankful for the responses to my posts. I do not wish to bring glory to myself and my life but to the wonder of what it is to live this life for my Lord and Savior. I am so thankful for what he has done for me and all that I have received. I am blessed beyond imagination. Do I have days where I forget this? Most definitely. And I know that I have forgotten when this is not a joy. When it is a weight on my shoulders. Then I step back to remember.

I do this to share a small portion of who I am with who ever might be interested in sharing with me this wonderful New Life. Every new day is a new gift and I can't get over that.

Do I miss getting ready for Church Sunday mornings? Yes. Do I miss the fact that I often compared myself and my life to the lives I saw all around me but did not actually know very well. No. Am I disappointed that I stay home most weeks and spend it with my dear family, feeling relaxed and calm, at peace with them right here where we are? A great resounding NO!

Each week, every day, I get to choose whether I take fellowship with those that are right here in my community. Spend time on the phone with loved ones. Keep sharing my heart in little bits right here.

These places are where I get to spend time with others. Sharing our faith. Sharing our love for our great Creator. So Thankful!

I hope that my girls grow up knowing in their hearts what it is to have a relationship vs. a show.

That they would know that this is not a religion but a life love. Something we do because of our gratefulness, a relationship with our Lord. I am in Awe of the fact that He wants to be our friend. Right here where we are. In the midst of the most simple lives, He lives.

So if you read this know that I feel connected to you even if we never talk in person.

I think of you as an individual. Even though I am not sure who all reads this, I have few that are actually signed up as my readers. And the truth is I don't care. That is not what this is for. If you read this for years to come and I never know it that doesn't matter.

I still think of you. I still care that your heart is filled with hope and peace. And know that The God who created you put you right where you are for a reason. And He sees you and knows you.

 For He created your inmost being;
    He knit you together in your mother’s womb.   
 I praise Him because we are fearfully and wonderfully made;
    His works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.     

May your Sunday be full of peace. Full of fellowship with those you love and those who love you.

Peace in your hearts, right where you are.

Happy Sunday,

He is there and He sees you and cares desperately for you and your heart.

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  1. Oh Jader Bean... so cute in your shirt that matches one I wore when I was 6-8. I love your stylish clothes pins! I love your silly grandma and peaches and relaxed Sunday mornings. I do remember a time oh so well how Sunday's were my only break for myself to have a moment with others who loved God. I loved going to church and we were talking this morning of how much we are looking forward to attending again. It will be different this time with teenagers and not crying babes in need of naps!


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