Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspired #12: Picnic days.

This post was finished yesterday morning in it's entirety. I needed only to link up a few more of the inspired selections and then something happened. More on that later. For now I will leave you with this inspired post. On a day that is not so sunny or welcoming to picnic in.

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If you follow me on instagram (link to the right) at all you will have seen a few pics of the girls and I turning our lunches into picnics.

So it is from that I have drawn my inspiration for today. I am loving the cooler mornings and the hint that fall is just around the corner. This reminds me to get out more and enjoy the weather before it turns too cold.

1: Oh the colors of this blanket I do so love. It feels so earthy and fall like. Want to lay it out for evening under the stars.
2: This little basket would do well for a cookies and fruit picnic out amongst the trees.
3: Purse or picnic I can't decide but it would do well in any environment.
4: Oh to set the picnic up with actual dishes and sunny ones at that.
5: And this blanket made from Cotton Saris. LOVE!!
6: This makes me think of going out on horse back to arrive at some river side destination for a meal.
7: This is what my mind always pictures when you say picnic basket. Reminds me of a book I once read
8: More great dishes for a meal out in a field.
9: And with fall around the corner a hot beverage would do wonders.

I just clued in to what it is about this weather and this time of year that makes an outdoor meal the thing for my heart. Harvest. The time when my Mom would pack up the roaster with the hot out of the oven chicken, hot mashed potatoes and fresh beans into the back of the truck. Driving all bumpy over the stubble of a newly combined field. Flag down the farmers which were my Father and Grandpa to join us in a quick meal as the sun worked on cutting the evening short. Knowing they will continue late into the night if the weather allows. Fall is a season that my heart sings with great joy. It fills me with gladness and a desire to wrap my neck in a scarf and head out for a refreshing walk in the cool air.

May you have a wonderful rest of the week. Be inspired to take your indoor lunch outside. Even if it is just out onto the deck. Throw down a blanket you have kicking around and sit near the earth. Grab a lawn chair and take your shoes and socks off, put your bare feet on and let them enjoy the cool grass. Sit and enjoy for a few minutes more than you might think you have. It is free to you, enjoy.

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