Thursday, August 16, 2012

That Day.

The door bell rang. I opened it to find a friendly college aged girl outside my door. I knew what this was. My mind thought "no thank you, I don't want it" as my heart said "be friendly".

I was. We sat on the front porch and I listened. I looked at the books and so did Suzie. They were nice. They were shiny and new and educational. I am truly a sucker for books. I have a nostalgic feeling towards them. The feel of a book in my hands, the action of turning the page to see what's next, it does something to me.  I can't pass it up to easily.

She turned out to be from a country over seas where I had visited 10 years ago. We talked on that a bit. I was drawn into the moment. So when she asked if I was interested I pushed the logical "talk to your husband first" voice aside and went for it. I purchased the books. I wrote out the check even while my insides said to pass it up for now. I could have called her later. She would have been most willing to come back if I changed my mind from no to yes. But I didn't I started with yes.

After she left the phone rang with an invite to join some family and to invite some more family to join for lunch to see an Uncle and Aunt that were passing through . I then called my sister-in-law and somewhere in the conversation she mentioned a family that we both know. That reminded me that I had totally forgotten to go over to this families home to give a bunch of the girls hair cuts. I rearranged the day and managed to head out for lunch and the hair cuts after. When I got home it was time to make supper. While in the process of that Paul arrived home.

When I told Paul, all excitedly, about these great books I had bought he asked how much they cost. That's when it struck me. As I spoke the words my heart sank. I had over paid by a large amount. He searched for a few minutes on-line and then showed me the places I could have found these same books for a fraction of the price.

YIKES!!! Why did I fall for it? Why did I not listen to that voice that said I should consult with my husband first? I forgot about the whole over priced thing. I saw only the individual right there in front of me and she was nice. And truth be told I enjoyed my conversation with her. I feel terrible that I am now canceling on her. My ego feels a bit bruised. But let me just say. I still want to be friendly. I still want to be gracious. I don't want to hold cynical in my heart. I want to be an open person and for that I do not feel bad.

I just need to remember that not all companies have my best interest in mind. She may not feel she is over priced in what she is selling me. And in fact at full price it may not be. But we know that there are different options for acquiring such things. Ebay had the same books for much less. I need to remember to be wise with our money. I need to listen to that small voice.

To top it all off that was not the end of our day. Paul was working on one of our vehicles. His arm up in the door trying to fix the window mechanism. At one point it seemed to him the window, which was not supported at the time, was going to fall into the door. He pulled his arm out suddenly and caught his wrist on something sharp inside the door. I'll just say that the trip to the hospital for stitches kept us up till around 1:30. He is fine now with four stitches in his hand.

Through it all my husband was a rock. He is steady in mind and still in spirit. He does not get worked up but allows logic to kick in. There is never a sense of panic. For this I am grateful. Keeping me calm when it is he with a gash in his hand. Even making me laugh while in the treatment room waiting for the doctor to come.

On a day like that I am longing only for the end. I would love to have it end half way through. But it doesn't. All twenty-four hours come and go one minute after the other just like they always have. In the end they start to melt away and the laughter is found hiding in some unknown corner of life. A hospital emergency room turns out to be a place where hearts can join and spirits can be lifted. Every moment, no matter how low can be brought back to a place of joy.

Mistakes can be made and we can recover. We learn. Even at 32 I am learning to learn. Don't be shy or scared of those that come to the door just be wise. Friendly is possible while still saying no.

Happy day to you all.

P.S. Jade is wearing a super hero cape I made for Suzie awhile back. There is not real significance to the story but I thought she was cute and I could have used a super hero on Tuesday so here she is today. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I've done this before too! It can feel humiliating and like u aren't mature but it's just life and it how we learn... And our husbands are supposed to love us mercifully... Which I am so grateful for!

    1. You hit it just right, the feeling of immaturity. Feels so silly. I do agree on the learning thing. Won't be doing that again. Still going to be friendly (no slamming doors) but will talk to my husband first. And the love that he gives is amazing. Totally forgave the situation long before I could. Even told me not to worry about getting the money back.


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