Monday, July 16, 2012

Sold item, number three

I am so thankful. I did not expect to see any interest in what I make. I will admit there are days that I wonder why it is taking so long to sell anything. I wondered in the first few months if I should just close up shop for the lack of sales. But you know what? I've realized that I have to stick it out for a bit.

I learned that there are others who have been on Etsy for a year or more and still have no sales. So three in the first four months of opening up shop is really actually quite good. I just need to remember why I am here. To sew good quality cloths for the kids that are pleasing to the eye. And you know, I love to do the sewing. It is cathartic. It may not be often that I get to put needle to thread and thread to fabric and it may come in short stints but that does not make it any less enjoyable for me.

And so I will introduce to you the third item that has left the house in a little hand painted package.

I absolutly adore this little pinafore. The pattern is from the 40s and makes my heart melt.

These buttons are fabric covered ones that I found in a button collection of Paul's Grandmas. So fun to have a touch of history in there. Thanks Grandma for adding just a little extra something even without knowing it.

Here is how the packages are set up for their little journey across the countries. This one is on it's way to Texas. The paper is a little something that I get Suzie to do for me. Some days she is really into it and paints a lot. Other days I have to do a bit of my own to help her out. This is one she was into. Painting a large sheet that has been able to wrap two items.

Here is the mail cart on it's way to the post office.

And package deliverer. She loves to give something to the woman behind the counter when ever she can. Happy to take part in this big event.

Safe journey to your package Mary, I hope you enjoy getting it as much as we enjoyed sending it.

: :

After the post office it seemed fitting to take a short tour of the local flower garden. Not only that but with the weather we have been having it has been too long. The intense heat makes it hard to go out and when you are out it is hard to see what is around you.

Turns out the flowers have been loving it. And the rain that has rolled in the past little while has cooled things off just nicely. Now to deal with the nasty mosquitoes.

Flower garden dance.

That one...

Right there.

The little water fountain is always a hit.

And I can't turn down some pics of these flowers. Yikes I like them a lot. Day lillies in every shade.

Jade is singing into a toy egg. What else can I say to sign off but have some fun doing what may not make total sense but enjoyable non-the-less. I guess it is my turn to sing into the egg. Go figure, babies don't want to be the only ones that do these random things. They love to share the joy with their momma's. Go and share the joy my friends, it is a lovely day.


  1. This is so sweet! Can't wait to get the dress- it is for my daughter's second birthday.


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