Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspired #9 Round and Round

Inspired posts are a weekly concoction of what I find inspiring me that week. It can be anything from household goods to birdhouses. Check in weekly to see what's on my mind. 

Today I am inspired a day late. Some weeks I don't even manage to get up a post but here is what I have for you today.

There is not a lot of variety in the inspirations today but I can't help myself. I have wanted one for some time and have finally finished my first one ever. Now that it is done? Well I want more, I want one for every day of the week. I want my girls to each have one. I love it. I may not have done a perfect job on the hem. I may not have lined things up "just so". I may even be slightly unhappy with how the waist band turned out but....

 If it is your style to feel feminine and you have yet to put on a circle skirt then I HIGHLY recomend it. Talk about feeling like a girl/lady/woman. Yikes these things can become anything. Playful, dress it up, At home, or shopping the options are endless. And so I digress.

1: for the sewers who want to do it up real nice here is a pattern for you.
2: I LOVE the fabric in this little girls skirt. How can you go wrong with bold prints on the littles?
3: And if you have one but want to dress it up here are a few crochet patterns taken straight from Laurens 50s collection.
4: And this one speaks for itself head on over here and take a look at all the angles. Love this.
5: And here she is all dressed up, the circle skirt ready for a night out. YIKES! Be still my heart!
6: Lemony goodness, Oh my goodness!
7: In case the above pattern is gone by the time you get there here is another one just for good measure.
8: Eek! Too cute much or what? Pretty in pink for your little ladies trip to the zoo.
9: (inset) You know if you like circles then why not do a two for one.

Oh boy, How will I find the time. I must get to doing some more sewing. Till then I will see if I can find the time to post a pic of the one that I have finished. One day I would love to add a petticoat under there. Circle skirt goodness brought to eleven. Hope you find the time to wear that which makes you most comfortable and feel like the lovely person you are. Till then, Be inspired by all that you see.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Nothing feels more feminine and flirty than a circle skirt, one of my favorite styles:)


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