Saturday, July 14, 2012

First real introduction to "The Project"

So we've moved!!

Ha ha, did I get you? Did you see those words and then look at the picture and have a moment of heart stop on my behalf?

Okay fine, just a silly joke. As Suzie would say "oh, He made a joke on me, He just did a joke"

Here's the truth of the matter, I am finelly letting you in on "The Project". This is a large endevour we took on as a family quit some time ago but sadly I have not been taking any before pictures. It really is a shame cause it will be interesting to see how it all progresses. So needless to say The bathroom was not in this state when we started.

Nope, it wasn't, there was a sink there once. And a whole wall behind it too for that matter. It actually looked like a bathroom. Imagine a mirror straight ahead and a tiny bathtub to the right. And to your left a very scabbed together shelving unit that really did not use up the space well.

This is looking through the back wall of the bathroom from the master bedroom. If you have never pulled apart a lath and plaster wall then you have not seen this. It is the old way of doing walls before drywall existed. It is dusty, messy work to remove.

Most of the lath is down.

And now it is down and all swept out and ready for the next stage.

Today we are there again doing more in the bathroom. We are hoping to have the water running by the end of the day and maybe a bit more too.

Toilet was removed so as to pull up the flooring.

The wall with the shelving unit was stripped down to the lath and will be boarded over. There was no need to remove it all. This building is a two story brick building "down town" Oak Lake. It is a small town of nearly 500 people so down town is a big statement for such a place. The upper floor is an old appartement that needs some lovin and the main floor is an old office space that we will be converting into a second apartement. These will be put up for rent when all is said and done. In the mean time we work hard at both getting the job done and relaxing when we are not working.

Here is a bit of last Sunday.

Pancake picnic. So much fun.

When they were done eating they both headed over to the swing for some time enjoying the cool morning.

Take heart, the job will get done. There will come a day when every free minute is no longer taken up by that looming project either in work or in thought. You will be free from this. Keep working and keep your head up. This too shall pass.


  1. I remember installing that little toilet paper holder when I was 20 years old. First time for everything. I remember putting up that barkerboard too. Sorry you will have to rip it out, I think we used lots of goop on it. Kate also fell onto a little corner of the tile that was in there and she still has the scar under her lip... ahhh good times. Hope you are making good memories of fixing it up! Then pray that it helps your wallet grow afterwards!

    1. Ha ha, Yes a long time ago now hey? The boarding has been a bit interesting to pull off indeed. We noticed the goop. I couldn't remember if it was you who put it up but Paul said it probably was as the silicon closing all the seams was so very well done. Memories are being made though right now it seems to be the heat that is really going to be remembered.


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