Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspired #10: Coffee

So here's what happened on Sunday.

And here's how I felt about it.

There is no real special value to this coffee cup. There is no real sentimental value. Really there is nothing to say about this mug other than? I loved it. I can't fully get it across in words cause truth be told I don't really know why I loved it so much. There were a few things to note. One, I loved the shape of the handle. I could stick my whole hand in there without any pinching and no big gaps. I know, really not that big of a deal. Two, I adored the color and feel of the picture. There was something to it that made me feel at home. No I did not come from an ocean side fishing village. No I did not grow up near boats at all. I just loved it. So what else is there to say.

So now comes the task of finding another. Looked for this one on ebay. There were similar ones that might do the trick but I thought why not do an inspired post on this. Who knows maybe I will find something along the way. Adventures in coffee inspirations here we come.

1: lacey goodness, Nice big handle, good colors to please the eye. This is a beauty
2: spots. I like spots. This is white and clean and super cute
3: I am taken in by that green handle.
4: No boats but it looks like water. Again I am pleased
5: The colors are pleasing. I think coffee would be great coming from here
6: Lotus cup, Oh My!

And then I headed on over to the vintage section and here's what I came up with.

1: Wee!! Fun green flowers from the past And now I could share with you when you come for coffee
2: This thing just plan old intrigues me. I want to try cause, well, who wouldn't love to make coffee look like a science
3: And a little old advert to put up in the coffee room. No I do not have a coffee room but when I do.
4: Eeek! this thing looks like a highly motiveated paper cup. Coffee has just been re-vamped.
5: When it rains it pours, indeed it does.
6: And well I could use a really cute place to store my coffee beans when I am making coffee for my new mug.

Ah well. It's not like I don't have other mugs to use. In fact sometimes my cupboards seem a bit full. But you know how it goes. There is that "one" that really makes you reach for it nine times out of ten. Here's to a great cup of java with a good friend and hopes of finding another "the one".

Have fun this week and always be inspired. Even if it is out of a broken coffee mug. Something new is around every corner.


  1. I sad with you. Although they are not major losses, those types of breaks feel like a loss in the family. Unexplainable.

  2. Thanks Gab, and you worded that just right. A loss in the family. Thankfully I am over these losses pretty quick.


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