Monday, July 30, 2012

A good day.

After this post yesterday everything turned around. I know it was not on my own strength cause I had none. In the end it was a good day. In fact it turned out to be a day full of family and fun. Busy and wonderful. Here is most of it in pictures.

: :

While fueling up at the local gas station Suzie noticed a dog with it's head out the window of a truck. She made sure to show me just how it was holding it's tongue.

And with her hair up like that, Sheesh how cute!!

And guess who copies her sister. Are you surprised?

Ha ha, Funny.

Sweet blue eyes.

And with the morning I had been having I thought I needed to up the cheer in the outfit. So here is what I wore.

On our way to Paul's folks place for some raspberry picking.

Ah yes, the girl who can go from one extreme to the other. Very funny and very serious.

Her favorite past time to date. Sit outside and study the rocks with her tongue, we're working on this habit. I trust that at the age of 20 she won't be doing this any more. Though, as any of my cousins on my moms side would know, Grandma had a strong habit of checking out the true colors of a stone by doing just this.

Paul and I headed down the the raspberry patch at his parents farm to pick a couple buckets full.

I totally adore this man and have the hardest time getting him to let me take his pick. I usually have to just steal them when he can't stop me. or I should say when he isn't going to take the time to stop me.

Once the picking was done we headed on back home for a quick picnic packing and on to the beach. I didn't end up taking the camera out cause the wind was crazy and the sand was much. I decided to enjoy the time with my three best people and so you will just have to go here to see what it might have looked like.

When we got home there was a message from my brother and his wife inviting us over to their place for s'mores.

So off we went for an impromptu potluck, bringing our hotdogs and large Winkler watermelon. The best watermelons known to man.
Jade watching and waiting for what was to come next. 

Suzie too.



Suzie's first go at this sort of treat.

She struggled a bit with the mental side of having something so messy.

But you know she got most of the way through without any on her shirt.

Unlike her cousin who has no qualms about sticky messes.

By the end he was literaly sticking to his chair while his chin stuck to his shirt.

A good sugar rush to end a good day.

And you know as the sun went down on this wonderful day I was at peace.

The fire died down and the children became calm

When we went home and tucked into bed sleep came fast and still. Taking each heart to a place of restoration for another good day.

Oh how I am thankful for the arms of love that surround us no matter how we are feeling. And when my heart is tense and uptight He comes in with such peace that my heart is reminded of how great this new life really is.

Thank you all for your thoughts yesterday. I am so grateful for the love that surrounds me. I pray His peace is in your hearts and with you always.


  1. What a perfect day ! I always thought to myself with days like that, when hubby and I had stayed up for a "date" or time together and morning came too early... that we were investing in our marriage and I asked God to bless the morning with the girls... not let the enemy have any part in it. Marriage is important, children are important, blessings come when we least expect them.... like a nice afternoon picking berries, silly kids, happy messy smores!

  2. your daughters are beautiful! and those s'mores look amazing :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

    1. Hello Brie, Thanks for the follow and welcome to my little space on the net.
      I have to say I agree about my girls and thank you. It is such fun to have them in my life. They are a blessing that we cherish.

      Hope you are enjoying your days.


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