Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspired #11: No ryhmn or reason

Thinking about what I am inspired about right now I could come up with no one specific thing. But there are things that I just like so here is a random inspired post. It's going to be quick cause Paul is sitting on the couch watching the Olympics and I want to join him.

1: These little bowl just look like fun. Whatever I would use them for. Food for the girls or candy dishes for guests.
2: A little plaid dress for a little girl. Plaid is just way too much fun.
3: And this little bowl I am thinking would do nice holding the jewelry that needs to be quickly tossed aside before a good nights sleep
4: A very fun candle holder to light the room on a cold winters night. Ha I know, how on earth can I even be imagining cold winter nights when all I know right now is the sticky sheets of summer.
5: Sugar and cream this looks like a good way to serve up peaches and cream or anything else that would need these two things combined.
6: A sheer dressing gown all lacy and pretty. I love lace. I love the feminine found here.
7: These little bears on the very flowing fabric seem so pleased and settled.
8: Now we're back to the kitchen though I think these things would do well to hold most anything. Tins abound in my home and I always have my eyes open to more. I love tins.
9: And a green hat. Who doesn't need a green hat with a snake skin bow? Okay, Maybe I don't Need one but it's fun so why not.

And there you have it, Random. Sleep is on my mind and the kitchen says I am not finished yet. Maybe that is where all of this comes from. The girls dress? well I have girls and they just fell asleep.

Oh what fun to have my own space to drop my thoughts. Thanks for joining me in this random look about. I hope you all have a wonderful night and get lots of golden sleep.


  1. Great finds! That little plaid dress is too cute!!

  2. awww, thank you for including my red plaid dress..


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