Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life outside of myself {What the baby books don't tell you.}

What the Baby books don't tell you.

You are an individual who has given birth to yet another individual. You are a Mom, this is your child. There will never again be a combination the same.

The person that you were made to be is the best person to raise that little person you hold at this moment. (whether you are holding them in your arms or in your heart that is your little person.)

No book can tell you exactly who your child will be and how that person will interact with the dynamics of the family to which they were born.

The books don't tell you how to clean up the third milk spill of the day with a calm cool head about you. You will in fact cry over spilled milk and you are normal.

They don't tell you that if your child eats dirt every chance they get that they will be fine. Truly No Harm Done.

The fact that you will use the kitchen sink as a bath tub for newborns and a kiddy pool for toddlers.

They don't tell you how many times you will repeat the same thing to your child. I a sure I have explained why it rains at least three times a day for the past three weeks.

They don't tell you that all your attempts to control things the way they are suggesting you do most likely won't work on your kid cause kids don't all fit in one box.

They don't tell you how you will feel when your heart explodes with love for them.

They don't tell you that you will never be the same and you would never have it any other way.

Your life will be changed forever and the gratefulness that you will feel towards this change is astounding.

Girls out and about from Angie Kroeker on Vimeo.

When I found this series and what the cause was I had to jump in feet first. I want to be a woman of action. At times being here at home all day I wonder how I might do that. What the practical applications look like. Well here is one.

I hate the fact that many a mother and child do not get to enjoy the simple things in life for lack of water.
I found this challenge through another blogger who I started to follow because of her Wake up Wednesday posts. Once a week she challenges her readers to act out good intentions. Be it small and at home or when you are out and about. I like to be reminded that though I live at home and rarely set eyes on another adult outside my home does not mean they are not out there. We are not alone in this world and I am happy to remember that.

If you are at all like myself you will be curious what this charity does with your money. I went to their site. I looked in a little and found this map. I love that they "report back". They Break it down. They tell you the story. I want to be a part, how ever small and unknown, of change in this vast world.

life rearranged

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