Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inspired #7: Sweet Dreams

There are a few reasons why bed sheets are on my mind. 1: Baby girl is teething which means a lot less sleep at night. 2: I picked up these wonderful finds at the local second hand store and fell in love with that fabric to the right.

Now I do not believe it is a bed sheet. It is more of a table cloth but it reminded me of some things I have seen for sale and so I am inspired. (oh and aren't all those books the best? the first two are ones I remember getting from the library when I was a girl and the other three seemed to be good old classics to introduce to my girl. In the back are Paul's finds. He collects old hand held games and video game boxes. And the game of life, though it is a new version He suggested we have it so we can play together. Rare thing for him to play board games so I took it.)

Now on to the links to these great finds.

1: This little top is so vibrant I want one in my size. Here comes summer!
2: If you are on the look out for bed sheets all cut up and ready to be sewn there are plenty of options both here and all around Etsy.
3: And who wouldn't want to sleep in this sweet little crib, I want to curl up and take a nap.
4: Yikes another sweet little yellow number. I want them all.
5: And a skirt for the older sister. When will this stop?
6: A bag for gifts or in my opinion to take to the beach. How much fun pulling your relaxing reading out and basking in the sun.
7: A blanket made from a variety of bed sheets. How Sunny!!
8: Baby Blankets galore. I want more baby blankets. I have too many, I still want more. silly girl.
9: I want to go for a walk and throw this down for the girls to play on while reading that relaxing book.
10: And one more little dress to be worn by a little girl.

I still don't know what I am going to do with my fabric but there are so many options I will have a hard time cutting into it. I adore fabric. I adore all the colors and patterns. Oh the options when there is a new piece running between my fingers. One day you may get to see what I come up with till then enjoy the potential that is all around you. Each new thing is a new direction. So many things we can do with each and every day.


  1. I spent many hours as a teen playing AquaNox, it reminded me a lot of Descent 3 that we would play together on Paul's network of computers in the basement. If anyone could beat Paul it was a cause to celebrate!

    1. Brian, Ya I never did play the games with Paul but I do remember the celebrations that were had when he was beat. Fun times.

  2. What a fun collection of vintage sheet items. Thanks so much for including my yellow patchwork quilt!

    1. Liz, I love that quilt. Would so love to see it in a baby crib near me.


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